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Fender SRV Number One replica Stratocaster

Fender SRV Number One replica Stratocaster

There’s always been something about worn down guitars that have intrigued me.  From whence my eyes doth advert to these wonderous instruments my adventurous imagination does ponder what journeys this seemingly innocent, innocuous tools of the trade has seen. Granted this one in particular was custom built to look naturally worn as it’s a model […]
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Ibanez Joe Satriani JS20th Guitar

Ibanez JS20th Satriani Signature Guitar

I don’t think you could possibly come across a guitar that tells you more about Joe Satriani and his style more than this one.  A dead give away being the Silver Surfer emblazoned across the front of this guitar.  That alone, I think, aptly represents the sleek and cool style that’s so distinctly Satch’s. Heck, […]
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Peavy Signature Series Tiger Eye

Peavey HP Signature Series Tiger Eye Guitar

Todays guitar of the day comes to us for the first time, from Peavey. Peavey has been around for quite some time, but most of us think of guitar amps when we hear the Peavey name mentioned. Or maybe you think of Eddie Van Halen’s quest to manufacture the “perfect guitar” which resulted in the Wolfgang. […]
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Suhr Standard Aqua Blueburst Guitar

Suhr Standard Aqua Blue Burst Quilt Top Guitar

I must admit, I’ve always had an affinity towards guitars like this.  I’ve always been a big fan of the whole super Strat thing and when I look at a guitar like this I find it hard to look away. Suhr has been building guitars since 1984 and has built guitars for a number of […]
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10 Guitars We loved in 2010

If it’s not your first visit to our site, you might find some of these familiar. If it is your first visit, here’s a chance to see what we have been up to since we launched this site back in October. These guitars aren’t in any particular order, unless you consider that they are in […]
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1979 Gibson Les Paul Custom Anniversary

Gibson 1979 Les Paul Custom Anniversary Guitar 25/50

What can be said about a Gibson Les Paul that hasn’t been said at least a baker’s dozen times already? When you get right down to it there aren’t many secrets behind this iconic guitar anymore.  It made a big impact early on when guitar music really started to break loose and it’s stood the […]
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Walker Guitar

Get Me My Walker

One of the things that I love in a guitar is versatility, being able to do more than what is expected. You pick up a Fender Strat, you know what you’re going to get. Put a Les Paul in your hands and there is no surprise to what it is going to sound like. Don’t […]
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Charvel Custom Jackson Legacy Blood Guitar

Halloween Guitar Series #4 [ See more ] Todays guitar of the day for the Halloween Guitar Series is a Charvel Custom Second Edition Legacy. She’s dressed up as – well – a bloody mess! I went looking for something specifically blood covered for todays feature, and found many blood spattered guitars, but this one […]
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Taylor TEG Walnut Custom

Taylor Electric Guitar: TEG Walnut Custom

Todays guitar of the day comes to us from Taylor. I don’t know about you, but when I think about Taylor guitars, I think of acoustics. Well, this is Taylor’s first solid body electric guitar. Being such a popular guitar from the early 80’s until now, folks have often wondered when Taylor was going to […]
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Fender Stratocaster 1956 Reissue Custom Shop

Todays guitar of the day comes to us from Elderly Instruments, out of Lansing, Michigan. First, I have to talk about Elderly Instruments. It was the place where I purchased my first “real” electric guitar, about … oh, I’d say 20 years ago now. I remember walking in there with my folks and about having […]
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