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Eric Klerks

An Interview With Eric Klerks

A multi-instrumentalist with tremendous musicality and flexibility, Eric is a special musician and is proof that nice guys can finish first.
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Artist Spotlight: Eric Johnson

Eric Johnson has been one of the most powerful and influential guitarists time will ever recognize. Here we pay tribute to him and his revolutionary style.
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Sister Rosetta Tharpe

Meet the Preacher’s Daughter Who Rocked Long Before Rock Existed

Nicholas Tozier takes a moment to remember an unsuspecting guitarist that showed what it meant to rock before rock was even born. Sister Rosetta Tharpe.
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Wes Montgomery

How Wes Montgomery Played His Legendary Guitar Solos

Here Nicholas Tozier takes a look at Wes Montgomery's thumb strumming style and his unique sense of rhythm. Check here for the legacy of Wes Montgomery.
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Stephen Shareaux

Former Kick Tracee Vocalist Recording New Album

Stephen Shareaux, one of the best voices from 90's metal is back at it again - a new album is in the works.
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Wes Montgomery

Wes Montgomery: Accidental Genius of the Electric Guitar

Wes Montgomery, if nothing else, set the bar for what it is to be a guitarist back in the 50s when the instrument was mostly used for backing rhythm.
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Charlie Christian

Charlie Christian, the Twenty-Something Grandaddy of the Guitar Solo

Charlie Christian, a pioneer of lead guitar, was possibly the most pivotal guitarist in the history of the instrument. Nicholas Tozier reminds us why.
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Nili Brosh

Artist Spotlight: The Amazing Nili Brosh

Berklee instructor, amazing guitarist, impressive resume - Nili just rocks! We've got background info here as well as some video of Nili lighting things on fire.
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June Marks the Release of Megadeth’s New Super Collider Album

Megadeth's upcoming album Super Collider has a scheduled release date. We've got the details on where Megadeth's been and where they're going and more here.
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The Jeff Healey Band House On Fire

New Jeff Healey Band Material Available Now

The late blues guitarist Jeff Healey's long lost recordings from the 90s are being released courtesy of Eagle Records featuring unreleased demos and covers.
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