10 Guitars We loved in 2010

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If it’s not your first visit to our site, you might find some of these familiar. If it is your first visit, here’s a chance to see what we have been up to since we launched this site back in October.

These guitars aren’t in any particular order, unless you consider that they are in the order we thought of them, which might hold some subconscious clues into our minds – but well, thats just scary.

SUHR Classic T Blue Guitar – the finish

SUHR Classic T Blue Guitar
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This was chosen because the finish is just amazing. With Suhr quality and sound behind it, it’s kind of a dream guitar.

USA Stratocaster Jim Root Artist Series – the most adaptable

USA Stratocaster Artist Series - Jim Root
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We chose this one, again, primarily based on the sleek black looks, but also because – well personally I (and many others) feel that when adding humbuckers to a strat you get an amazing shift in sound. SRV wouldn’t play it, but it makes the Strat into something completely different. This continues to be one of the most viewed guitars on the site.

Epiphone Wilshire Guitar – 1965 – history

1965 Epiphone Wilshire Guitar
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This was the very last Guitar of the Day in 2010. With classic looks and a strat-competitive style, its unique for Epiphone.

Taylor T5 Thinline – hybrid

Taylor T5 Acoustic Guitar
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One of the most stunning acoustics we have featured so far on the site, with something most acoustics don’t have – a humbucker. So is it an acoustic/electric or a hollowbody electric?

Haywire Guitars Strat Style Guitar With Nice Inlays – ornate

Haywire Guitar Strat Style
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Finding this guitar ended up leading to our interview with Rick Mariner, from Haywire guitars. He is extremely talented and a great guy to talk to. He also makes some of the most beautiful guitars I have seen.

Ibanez Jem V7 Steve VAI Electric V7WH Guitar – coolest

Ibanez Jem V7 Steve Vai
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Jems are amazing on so many levels … and both this guitar and the next one are very popular among the readers.

Charvel Custom Jackson Legacy Blood Guitar – the bloodiest

Charvel Custom Blood Spatter Guitar
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This guitar certainly was the most popular of our Halloween Guitar Series. Before landing on our site, it was returned to the guitar store several times for being “Too vulgar”.

Vintage 1894 Martin Acoustic Guitar – the oldest

Martin 1894 Acoustic Guitar

Made in 1894, 116 years old, still playable and it came with certificates and letters of authenticity.

Vintage 1960 Gibson Les Paul – the most expensive

1960 Gibson Les Paul
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This guitar enjoyed a status most guitars can’t say they have – right or wrong, it was the most expensive guitar on ebay during the time it was listed. At $325,000 it would break the bank for most of us, but it sure is fun to look at!

Dan Armstrong Lucite Clear Guitar – the least wood

Dan Armstrong Lucite Guitar
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This guitar has a really cool history and you have to dig to find some of it. We also found a guy with an entire website dedicated to just this guitar, and the man behind it.

2010 Overall

We’ve had alot of fun bringing you the guitar of the day, as well as other features in 2010. The 3 of us – Tim, The Smitchens, and Christian will continue to bring you the guitar of the day, but thats not all.

We’ve got some plans for more content that will round out your experience on the site and give you plenty of information, news, images, video and fun – all centered around our favorite topic – the guitar.

Have a great 2011 and come back to spend it with us often!

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