12 Killer Interviews With Great Guitarists

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Over the past couple of years, we’ve done quite a bit of talking with some of the best guitarists around, and we’ve learned a lot from these masters as they kindly shared their experiences with us, so we figured it would be a great time to recap some of that dialog. Click the heading to read the full interviews.

Interview With Steve Vai – The Story Of Light

This informative and personal interview with Steve Vai covers his new album The Story Of Light, and some of his thoughts on finding your path as a guitarist and a person.

You need to find what it is that excites you the most about music and about the guitar and then jump into that. A lot of times it takes a lot of courage because what you really want might be different than what you think the public wants – or different than what friends or what the temporary idea of what it should be is.

Interview With Joe Bonamassa

In this interview, Joe talks mostly about his guitar collection, and also talks about how he figures his guitars are safe from theft.

To me a guitar is a guitar and they need to be played. Not be in museums or treated like holy relics.

Interview With Miroslav Tadic

In this two part interview Miroslav talks about his current projects, pedagogy, some of his past influences, and much, much more.

I’m the kind of player that doesn’t really expect a lot from the amp because I’m trying to make music with my hands and the guitar.

Interview With Rob Balducci

This is another two part interview, in which Rob Balducci covers practically everything – from his then new instructional DVD to his experiences as a teacher and a student.

You want to get onstage and not worry about stupid stuff. You plug your amp in, it may not sound the best, you may not have monitors that are working, but that kind of stuff can’t affect you.  You’ve got to just play and be in the music.

Interview With Greg Koch

Greg is an amazing guitarist, and he’s a blast to talk to as well. We asked Greg about his influences, Fender clinics, his latest album, and of course gear.

Chicken Pickin, B-Bender antics, Whammy bar skullduggary and behind the nut rustling…GOOD TIMES! The wizarding part is up to you.

Interview With Scott Tournet of Grace Potter And The Nocturnals

Scott talks about touring, music education, gear, and more in this interview.

Frustration, anger, excitement, happiness – these things fuel my playing.  In a lot of ways emotion is my best and favorite tool.

Interview With Greg Howe

Greg Howe talks about touring, and gets pretty in depth about composition in this interview.

A lot of what I talk about seems a little bit unorthodox because even though I know a lot about music, I think sometimes all that knowledge can be a restriction because you tend to feel like you need to operate within those parameters. I don’t agree with that.

Interview: Scott Holiday of Rival Sons

Scott Holiday talks about his influences, the Rival Sons’ vision, songwriting, and the rare (these days) sound that Rival Sons are producing.

There’s a certain lack of rock and roll being made with honesty and visceral energy. I think there’s a whole bunch of rock, but what is rock these days? They’re calling Metallica rock. They’re calling Foo Fighters rock. Yeah Yeah Yeahs is rock. Coldplay is rock. It seems like a blanket term for music with a guitar. If it’s got a guitar it’s rock.

Interview With Paul Pigat

In this interview with rockabilly wizard Paul Pigat, we talk about Gretsch guitars, strings, the tunings he uses, and more.

When  I was a teenager, I worked in a band with a fella’ who was nuts for Townes Van Zandt.  Even though we’d play Ramones tunes all night we’d  end up listening to his singer songwriter mixed tapes after the show. I  really was attracted to the dark atmosphere of those tunes. I guess it  just stuck with me.

10 Questions With Joe Gore

Joe Gore, who was a designer for Apple, talks about bringing his laptop on stage for effects, his favorite guitars, his quest for tone, and more.

To paraphrase Charley the Tuna, I don’t want gear that sounds good. I want gear that makes good sounds, which, for me, means anything that inspires a strong musical idea, even if it sounds “terrible.” That’s especially true for guitar effects.

Interview With Tony MacAlpine

Tony tells us about his new CD, collaboration, his gear, including his 7 and 8 string guitars, pickups, strings, and recording and live rigs.

I think that practicing is more of a self-discovery. Good practice habits means trying to develop things you might have found interesting or might not have been exposed to – so expose yourself to that. Maybe have some listening time and learn with your ears as well as your eyes and your hands.

Interview With Sharon Aguilar

Sharon talks about playing with Cee Lo Green, touring adventures, and how she landed the gig with Cee Lo Green.

I love rock and I’m very fortunate that Cee-Lo is a big fan of rock as well. He’s classified as a soul, R&B kind of singer, but I try to rock out wherever I can.

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