3 of the Best Electric Guitar Starter Kits

Fender Guitar Starter Kit

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Maybe you’re just starting out yourself or you’ve got a kid who is ready to be the next Steve Vai – whatever your reason, you’re looking for a guitar starter pack that won’t break the bank to see how things work out.

It’s not smart to spend a whole lot of cash if you’re not sure it’s going to stick, so here are three options that I feel are the best bang for your buck.

I’ve tried to cover a good variety of playing styles, and the guitar you chose has to fit the situation. If you’re buying for¬†yourself, you’ll know right away which one is for you, but if you’re purchasing for someone else, you should think about what kind of music they are interested in, just because you liked Hendrix as a kid, doesn’t mean he or she might not prefer the Silvertone or the Epiphone (below).

All of the manufacturers I am covering here are known for quality in their higher end models, so I feel comfortable saying that as far as starter kits, one of these is the best bet for your cash. Also all of these kits come with everything you need to get started – so there’s nothing more to buy or worry about.

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Silvertone Rockit 21 Electric Guitar Package

Silvertone Electric Guitar Starter Kit
Silvertone Starter Kit

Our first option comes from Silvertone, and is mainly going to make the hard rock / metal player happy.

It comes from zZounds, where you can get free shipping and pay in 4 installment payments. (On orders over $249)

Silvertone has been making guitars for years and years, and know how to make great playing and sounding electrics at a decent starter price point.

The guitar comes with a lightweight basswood body, rosewood fingerboard, and 22 jumbo frets for easier chording, and two high output humbucker pickups for a great “hot” metal sound.

Also, an amp, headphones, picks, strap, tuner Рpretty much everything you need to get started. It comes in black, or wine red.

Fender SE Special Strat Guitar Starter Kit

Fender Guitar Starter Kit
Fender Guitar Starter Kit

If you’re into a more basic rock sound, such as Hendrix, Jeff Beck, Stevie Ray Vaughan, and too many more to mention, the Fender SE Special Strat might be a good option.

This one comes from Musician’s Friend, and also comes with free shipping.

Fender is another brand that has a reputation behind them that’s older than most of us. They are also very well known for having an offering of lower priced guitars that are above average quality for their price range.

The guitar is made from Agathis, with a maple neck, and a rosewood fingerboard.

It comes with an amp, strap, picks, tuner, gig bag, an instructional DVD, and a stand.

Epiphone Special Guitar Starter Kit

Epiphone Special Guitar Starter Kit
Epiphone Special Guitar Starter Kit

If the Les Paul Style is more you, this should be a pretty good fit.

Epiphone is run by the Gibson corporation and makes a wide variety of guitars, both electric and acoustic. These guitars are also well known for quality at their price point.

This guitar follows the Les Paul styling tradition, featuring more sustain, and pickups that will sound hotter than the Strat.

It’s made from an alder / maple body, with a rosewood fingerboard. This guitar is really solid, and a bit heavier than the other two. I’ve played the guitar that comes with this pack – and it’s a really good quality guitar for the price!

You also get the amp, DVD, picks, tuner, gig bag, and strap.


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