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Eric Joseph Lacewood

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Eric Joseph Handmade Guitars

Eric Joseph is a guitar builder resident to Maine who has spent over four decades honing his skills in shaping various woods and stones which has led to a career in designing and building various unique guitars out of a wide selection of exotic woods. Each guitar with its own personalized touch is shaped and brought to life as he removes the excess wood, sculpting them into the beautiful instruments we see now.

Speaking of the instruments we see now. What we have here is a selection of new models soon to be released if not already. With that I give you the Eric Joseph 2012 model lineup.

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Among Eric Joseph’s more adventurous models, this cocobolo guitar has been whittled down to the very frame of the body. Adding on to the details listed above it feature a volume knob with two tone knobs. All hardware is gold and the pickups show off snazzy covers giving them a marbled look. And what would an Eric Joseph guitar be without a polyurethane and carnauba wax finish?


This SG-styled chambered guitar is named after the wood it was built out of (or at least the one with the sexiest name) and in addition to the details above it features gold plated hardware with designated pairs of volume and tone knobs with a 3-way pickup selector. Also featured is the Hot Rod double-action truss rod and a the trademark polyurethane and carnauba wax finish.

Cinnamon – Tremolo

The only model among the new list of guitars to feature a Floyd Rose and active pickups this cinnamon wood guitar. It has designated pairs of fine knurl volume and tone knobs for the EMG pickups, and uses a Hot Rod double-action truss rod. The polyurethane and carnauba wax finish gives it that smooth feeling like a baby’s backside.

Curly Maple

This SG-styled guitar has a chambered body with a 3-way pickup selector with two designated volume knobs and tone controls. It uses a double-action truss rod and is finished with the polyurethane and carnauba wax finish.


The new leopardwood model is an SG-style chambered body. In addition to the aforementioned details and much like the other models it uses a double-action truss rod, a 3-way pickup selector with two designated volume knobs and tone controls. It is finished with polyurethane and a carnauba wax finish.

Cinnamon – Model 2

(Not Pictured)

The contoured cinnamon SG-style guitar uses a camphor burl topwith an African makore back for the fully chambered body, as well as a hand-carved hard maple neck with a Brazilian roseweood fretboard and a synthetic bone nut. It uses two Seymour Duncan pickups with an STL-1 Lead single-coil in the bridge and an SCR-1N Cool Rails humbucker in the neck.

This guitar also uses a fully adjustable top-loading bridge with a set of Sperzel tuners and it’s finished off with a tung oil, penetrating polyurethane, and a carnauba wax finish. The price for this model is $1,745.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen the light of Eric Joseph. Swing by this page to catch our hands-on review of one of his guitars. After that feel free to give his web site a look and see what else his catalog has in store.

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