A Gallery Of Guitars That Match My Underwear

Plaid Guitar

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Viewer beware.  I’m painting a disturbing mental image with this gallery.  Am I the only one that suffers from such an obscure case of obsessive compulsive disorder that I absolutely need a guitar that naturally blends with my sense of fashion?  I was born in the 80s, so I have a strong understanding of what a true sense of fashion is and that happens to be summed up in two words.

Animal skin.

Combine that with the guitar and you’ve got style.  It’s even more effective if you can play guitar as fast as the animal you look like can run.

And with that here are the guitars.  The criteria is I would have to look damn good playing these while in my knickers.

Click to enlarge and also to read what The Smitchens has to say about each guitar. 

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Kyle Smitchens

Kyle Smitchens is the Guitar-Muse Managing Editor, super hero extraordinaire, and all around great guy. He has been playing guitar since his late teens and writing personal biographies almost as long. An appreciator of all music, his biggest influences include Tchaikovsky, Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Steve Vai, Therion, and Jon Levasseur of Cryptopsy.

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Mark Dark
Mark Dark
10 years ago

Who makes the Zebra Mastercaster?

Reply to  Mark Dark
9 years ago

Mark, seems to be Matthias Jabs, available here:


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