A Gallery Of Orange Guitars That Will Invoke The Drool Response

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Guitar Gallery Time: Orange Guitars

Since we’ve been on a color-based theme with the galleries as of late we may as well get this out there off our chests. Let’s face it. Orange is an awesome color for a guitar. It’s about as good at catching someone’s attention as sea foam green is, but not for the same reasons. A color like sea foam green has a sort of a softness to its look where as orange just sorta juts out there and says “hey, everyone. Look at me. I’m friggin orange as crap.” Yeah. Can’t miss it.

Some Things To Use Your Orange Guitar For

For your convenience I’ve compiled a short list of things you can use your orange guitar for, some of which are quite evident. Others not so much.

Play it. It’s a guitar. What else should the first one be?

Use as a reference color for your sweet spray-on tan.

Strap a few to your body for when you’re going for those jogs in the dark.

Grab a pair and use them to direct traffic.

Give them to me. Hey. It’s something you can legitimately do with it, right? Fine. Blame a guy for trying.

Whatever you use the guitar for is ultimately up to you. All silliness, brilliant ideas, and everything in between aside, orange is a hue that rocks for guitars. It always stands out with its eye-catching vibrancy, and it’s always sexy. Always. 100% of the time. It’s factual. You can try to debunk that by exclaiming, “oh well that’s just your opinion,” but yeah. It’s my opinion. It’s also a fact that it’s my opinion so that means it’s factual. I win because it’s written here and I can just delete the emails that argue otherwise.

The Image Gallery

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10 years ago

You forgot Greg Howe’s signature Laguna!

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