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Nash Guitar

Founded by Bill Nash all the way back in 2001 if you can remember that far back, Nash Guitars is an aged guitar builder based in Washington.  Well what in tarnation is an aged guitar you ask?  They build brand new guitars to look, feel, and sound like guitars that have been played for decades.

I thought they were used the first time I’d seen them, but I was quickly corrected.  That says one of two things.  Either they did a good job at the look or my attention to detail sucks.  For pride’s sake we’ll go with the former.

Mostly they tend to model their guitars after Fender’s guitars and basses, but like they’re easing into Les Pauls too.  I’d had the pleasure of playing a Nash Strat couple of weeks prior to this article and it made a profound impact on me.  The feeling of playing on a neck and moving back and forth between finished parts and exposed wood parts took a bit of getting used to.  I’d never played on a guitar like that and I much enjoyed it.

The guitars are very accurate to the source material being built out of either ash or alder with a maple neck and sometimes a rosewood fretboard all of which (save for the rosewood) gets a nitrocellulose finish.  There is a degree of customization to the product.  You can decide how worn it looks, but you can hit the rocky road if you want a new looking guitar because Nash doesn’t do that.  You also get to choose between Lollar, Fralin, DiMarzio, and Seymour Duncan pickups or the addition of a Bigsby tremolo should you so wish.

And because he’s so nice he throws in a case along with.  Isn’t that sweet?

Now what really wins my heart over in addition to all of this is the personality Bill Nash puts into his craft. He’s done some expansive writing on his website caked with well thought out opinions and some brilliant flares of humor.  I love it when people say “to hell with the norms.  I’m gonna do what I want because dammit that’s what I want to do.”

Site’s here.  If you haven’t already give it a look.

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Alfred Wing
Alfred Wing
2 years ago

I love Nash guitars

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