A Reflection of The Guitars of 2012 Part 2

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The Not-So-Distant History of the Guitar

Welcome back. It’s still 2012 and I’m still sitting here in my office, in the dark, with not a soul readily accessible, staring into the soft glow of my monitors at pictures of guitars. But not just any guitars, no. These guitars are now markers on a timeline to represent the guitars of 2012. Guitars that have been designed and / or released within the span of 2012.

Perhaps you’re wondering “what’s this ‘part 2’ crap? Where’s part 1?” Rest assured I’m not like Chickenfoot here and someone with abstract symptoms of OCD like myself could never skip any ordinal numbers for the sake of style. Besides. I have no sense of style, so you don’t want me trying to pull something like that off.

Now that I’ve successfully derailed the topic as I’m oft wont to do why don’t you all entertain yourself with these hand picked pictures of more guitars of 2012 while I try and remember what I was even getting at.

Pictures of Guitars

Ibanez S Series 25th Anniversary

When 2012 rolled around Ibanez rolled out the red carpet for the 25th anniversary of their S Series guitar. The vibrant green guitar (or yellow as was an available alternative) hit the shelves at $700 a pop and with a “no holds barred” approach on the hardware, electronics, and design Ibanez gave us a great balance in quality for bang for buck ratio.

Line 6 Variax Guitars

The next wave of Line 6’s James Tyler Variax guitars was introduced and offered people more modeling alternatives to make our guitars sound like any other guitar out there. Kind of like a modern digital interpretation of what Les Paul sought out with his Recording guitar back in the 70s.

Eric Joseph

Eric Joseph and I have crossed paths a number of times. We’ve presented a few reviews on a number of his guitars, one pictured above. They are nothing short of some of the nicest guitars I’ve ever played. It’s not every day I get to play around on hand-built guitars, so naturally I’m not inclined to turn down the opportunity when it arises. If you ever get the chance to play one of these then by now you should know what decision I would readily endorse (answer: play the guitar).


Suhr’s one of those companies that seems to be able to imbue the essence of sexiness into each guitar. Such was the case with their Korina Flame guitar which was unfortunately reserved for a fortunate few. With only 70 models produced there’s no way there were enough made to go around for everyone. Apparently no one ever told Jon Suhr to always bring enough candy to share with everyone when he was in elementary school.

BC Rich

And then there’s the other company known for their sense of fashion. Good ol’ BC Rich. For this I’ve opted to present some of their more tame models like Neil Giraldo’s signature Eagle model. Also featured is Jon Donais’ signature Gunslinger and Matt Tuck’s signature V that I’ve presented mostly because I like purple. If you don’t then at least you can look at the other pictures without vomiting in your mouth.

Music Man

Music Man conducted their annual release of several new John Petrucci signature guitars. Probably because he’s become so muscular that when he shreds his guitars explode so Music Man has to constantly develop new models in hopes of discovering a design that can withstand his fury. Also introduced was a new line of AX40 guitars for the casual guitarists that don’t break their instrument quite as frequently.


Jackson’s entries of the year included the fiery quilted King V and the cool, aquatic quilted Dinky, both illustrious and sensual to the eyes. See for yourself. Stare at the pictures of the Jackson guitars for about five hours and feel the passion of lust flood into your eyeballs beyond capacity causing them to explode into a violently bloody and painful mess. Sentences like that are a side effect of my sleep schedule or lack thereof.

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