The AmpliTube Fender App: A Mobile Guitar Rig Offering Modern and Vintage Sounds On the Go

Amplitube iRig Fender

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Amplitube iRig Fender
Amplitube iRig Fender App Interface

At this moment classic guitar tone, including Fender’s legendary reverb, is as close as a phone app away. The AmpliTube Fender app for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad is a collaborative effort between IK Multimedia, makers of the successful AmpliTube for desktop PCs and the instrument making giant, Fender. AmpliTube Fender app mobile software, released in February 2011, can be a convincing guitar rig that delivers access to five different amp models. And that’s not all.

How it Works

In order to run the AmpliTube Fender app, an interface must be available, such as the AmpliTube iRig adapter, also from IK Multimedia. The mobile device is connected to the iRig with a simple cord. Plug a guitar or bass into the iRig, download the AmpliTube Fender app and it’s done. For listening, an output connector accepts headphones or an amplifier. A pair of power driven speakers can also be used.

Amps and Effects

The Twin Reverb, ’65 Deluxe Reverb, ‘59 Bassman, Supersonic and Pro Junior amp models are all included along with a variety of stompbox choices.  The gear doesn’t stop there; a trainer, capable of changing speed without pitch, and a special feature that removes vocals and solos from tracks is also provided. The app flaunts a built-in single track recorder that expands to four or eight tracks depending on the mobile appliance. Condenser and dynamic microphone options are also present.

Design a Rig On An iPad

A guitar rig on an iPad can make the most of many effects. IK Multimedia explains, “The unique AmpliTube Fender for the iPad signal chain lets you build your Fender rig with four simultaneous stompbox effects, running into an amplifier head, speaker cabinet and microphone. Each element of your tone is individually selectable, with fully operational controls for ultimate ‘tweak-ability’.” Guitar rigs on an iPhone can only use three simultaneous stompboxes.


Currently available at the iTunes store, the AmpliTube Fender app sells for $14.99. The iRig, from IK Multimedia, is priced at $39.99. All things considered, the cost to become thoroughly immersed in the famous Fender sound by way of an iPhone or an iPad is quite reasonable, to say nothing of the convenience. Besides, the AmpliTube Fender app can be a great way to determine which real life tube amp to purchase.

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