An Affordable USA Made PRS Guitar – The S2 Series

PRS S2 Custom 24

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Paul Reed Smith has just announced a new guitar series that is, as we’ve come to expect from PRS – very beautiful. They’re also keeping in line with the lower end of the pricing spectrum for USA made guitars, weighing in at $1179 MSRP.

So what’s the S2 story?

The S2 stands for “Stevensville 2” – named for the second series of guitars coming out of PRS’s Stevensville, MD factory. The factory is employing new manufacturing techniques that help to keep the prices down, but the quality high.

You’ll find the shapes familiar and elegant, but simple. Lets get into a little more detail about each of the S2 offerings.

The PRS S2 Starla – $1249 MSRP

PRS S2 Starla

Call it retro – or call it “that classic look” – PRS has created a masterpiece for those who want that particular look. Right off the bat you can’t help but notice the Bigsby, and the Tune-O-Matic bridge. The neck is mahogany, with a rosewood fingerboard, and the body is made from mahogany. This one might be a little heavy. It’s got PRS locking tuners, and nickel hardware. You can also choose between dot inlays or the famous PRS birds.

The pickup selector (like all the S2 models) is a 3 way, and you’ve got volume and tone controls, and the tone is push / pull. All of the S2 guitars are 25 inch scale, and the Starla and Mira have twenty-two frets. Her name – “Starla” is written on the truss rod cover.

She comes with S2 Starla Treble and Bass pickups.

The PRS S2 Mira – $1179 MSRP

PRS S2 Mira
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The least expensive of the bunch, the Mira doesn’t seem to leave anything out. It’s a vintage style, but not quite as vintage as the Starla.

Made from the same beveled thin mahogany as the Starla, the Mira also features a mahogany neck and rosewood fingerboard. Mira has her own S2 Mira Bass and Treble pickups – and I’m not sure if those are different from the other two guitars in the S2 series, and by how much.

Instead of a Bigsby, Mira is equipped with a familiar “Stop Tail” style bridge / tailpiece.

Starla And Mira colors

The Starla and Mira are both available in Vintage Cherry, Sea Foam Green, Sienna, McCarty Tobacco Sunburst, Black, and Antique White.

The PRS S2 Custom 24 – $1399 MSRP

PRS S2 Custom 24
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This is probably my favorite of the S2 series, and it’s also the most expensive of the bunch. This is basically the regular PRS Custom 24, with a few corners cut as far as features. One feature that wasn’t left out was the PRS Bird inlays. The S2 Custom 24 comes with it’s own custom wound pickups, the same locking tuners, but has a bit more modern standard tremolo on it.

The top is maple, and the back is mahogany. With that maple top, PRS has given us a few more color options. The S2 Custom 24 comes in seven color choices, McCarty Tobacco Sunburst, Dark Cherry Burst, Gray Black, Blue Crab Smokeburst, Black Cherry, Antique White, and Black.

The S2 Custom 24 also has two more frets than the others – for a total of 24.



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