And the Winner of the EHX Crying Tone Is…

EHX Talking Pedal Front

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Just Who Is the Lucky Winner?

You guys remember that time we started a contest for a chance to win an EHX Crying Tone expression pedal? All you had to do was post a good near years resolution on our forum. Those were good times, weren’t they? Well those times have come to pass and now we’re due to give someone the pedal they so longingly yearn for.

After much careful deliberation we hand picked our personal favorite. Congratulations username jlind8379. You are the proud new owner of an EHX Crying Tone.

The resolution that won us over.

EHX Talking Pedal Front“I had the best job in my life. Time consuming, but made boat loads of money. Then I was in a car accident. Not my fault. 30 hours of surgery and 4 pounds of metal, and I can no longer do that job. I am as healed as I will ever be. SO here is my 2013 resolution. My dream was to be a working musician and open a small studio, while working as a small singer songwriter on the side. Well, I was living, but not living the dream. My resolution is to live the dream, and no longer settle for life. I am going to live my life my way and show my kids that dreams can come true, regardless of the road blocks that are thrown at us. I am going to completely reinvent my life to what I should have been before I let myself get side tracked. I am working towards this, but I need more gear. All you can do to help would be appreciated,”

To the Victor Go the Spoils

Admittedly it was a tad difficult to pick between this one and some others. Decisions like this seldom are. But in the end we were touched by the experience and we applaud any ambition to pursue one’s own dreams regardless of any circumstance. Congrats jlind.  Enjoy the pedal.

Future Contests

Without trying to sound too sappy on everyone, hosting giveaways has been among the most enjoyable parts of running Guitar-Muse and we have every intention on continuing. As long as there are people that haven’t won yet we have all the incentive we need to keep moving forward. And without getting too ahead of ourselves, now that we’ve got the forum up and running we’ve been brainstorming on new approaches to contests. All you guys have to do is stop by the forum, sign up, and stick around. The bigger the community gets the more ambitious we can get, and the more fun everyone has along the way.

So as usual thanks for playing and we look forward to seeing you all in the future, where future events such as these will affect us all.

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Kyle Smitchens

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10 years ago

Hey… congrates on the win jlind8379!! I liked that reso, too.

Reply to  Doug
10 years ago

Thanks Doug. I appreciate it. And I am still moving along on this, it is slow, but it feels good every time I accomplish something.

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