Another New EHX Pedal – The Analogizer

EXH Analogizer Pedal

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EXH Analogizer Pedal
The Analogizer

The Analogizer is a modest Nano pedal built with EHX’s new help-make-your-signal-sound-more-analog technology to help thicken your signal and as they advertise more specifically to counter the potentially negative side effects of digital pedals.  Additionally with the right tweaking you can attain a delay-like effect out of the pedal, though I’m given the idea that the Analogizer never traverses into being an official delay pedal.

At face value the Analogizer doesn’t appear to be anything particularly threatening.  The modest Nano chassis with its tasteful black and pale blue label is set up with an input jack, an output jack, a foot switch, yeah, yeah, yeah. It’s the knobs that we really care about on a pedal and this one has four completely tweakable knobs labeled volume, spread, blend, and gain.  In the context of a pedal that advertises its primary purpose of making your signal sound more analog the exact aspects that each knob manipulates may be a tad cumbersome to fathom.

Allow me with my worldly lacking hands on experience to attempt to alleviate any such confusion you may or may not be suffering by the powers of text.

The volume is quite possibly the most obvious control.  Usually when you turn them up the signal gets louder and vice versa.  Exactly one knob over we have the spread knob.

The spread knob controls the aforementioned delay aspect.  With that you control a delay time spanning from 3.5 milliseconds up to 65 milliseconds.  Therein also lies the Analogizer’s thickening power as well.  While on the lower settings will vary the tonal side effects employed by the Analogizer the higher settings are when sounds start to thicken up like cake batter.

Following the tried and true pattern of left to right, top to bottom we come to the blend knob.  This knob is every bit as easy to wrap your mind around as the volume.  It simply controls what percentage of the Analogizer bleeds through to the signal.  You know the drill from here.  All the way to the left.  100% dry.  Way over to the right.  100% wet.

Concluding this gritty journey through the knobs is the gain control.  It’s a simple gain boost that can bring your input gain up to +26 decibels.  I don’t think I can sex that up any more than that.  Gain boosts are handy and the Analogizer has one.  If you’re in the market for something that can boost your gain the Analogizer can promptly be added to your list of recommendations.

The Analogizer is modestly powered by a 9 volt battery that comes included.  If you prefer an adapter you can use a 9 volt AC adapter as well, but that’s not included.  Much like the Switchblade+ which was just posted yesterday this pedal is slated for a late November release which is any day now.  The list price is announced at $139.00 list price as well, so you can expect a simple update to this including its shipment and retail price, but in the meantime this is what we’ve got.


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