Artist Series Guitar’s Super Limited Edition Dio Holy Diver Guitar

Holy Diver Guitar

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If There Ever Was a Collectible Guitar

Holy Diver Guitar
Holy Diver Guitar

You know. After a long two weeks of 12 hour shifts I’ve found myself rummaging through press releases and tasteful emails offering tips to enhance my manhood. My ambition for the night is find something that really speaks to me. Something that will kick me right in the manhood and say “I rock. Write about me, you jerk”.

Ask and ye shall receive.

The late legend of rock and metal Ronnie James Dio has two separate anniversaries going on at once. His 70th birthday and the 30th anniversary of his highly influential album Holy Diver. What better way to pay tribute than to release a guitar commemorating the man, the legacy, and the music? And did I mention these guitars are beyond limited? With only 30 in existence and no intention on ever producing more you’re gonna be hard pressed to find one and damn lucky if you get your hands on one.

About the Guitar

The big selling point is the artwork. This guitar features artwork from the legendary album Holy Diver from Dio’s solo project.. The guitar features the band’s infamous mascot Murray with the chained minister going out for a swim that resulted in a much controversy at the time.

The guitar is built out of mahogany shaped into a Les Paul body style with a set mahogany neck. A rosewood fretboard resides on the neck with mother of pearl trapezoid inlays. A hand-carved mahogany top is added and cream binding is wrapped around the body for that touch of class. A set of chrome ASG Arsenal humbuckers with Alnico V magnets rest in the center of the body. “1983” is written on the neck pickup and “2013” written on the bridge pickup to further allude to the 30 year anniversary of the release of Holy Diver.

Also featured on the guitar is a set of Kluson style tuners, a custom cut Graph-Tech nut, a Gravedigger headstock, a chrome ASG headstock emblem, and speed knobs.

ASG has finished the guitars off with their own trademark finishing process that will make the graphic on the guitar as permanent as possible. While they are reluctant to go into details of just how they finish their guitars it’s made clear that the graphic isn’t just some sticker that will peel off or fade away.

How to Get One

These guitars won’t just be available on Musician’s Friend or anything. A presale will begin on July 10th, 2013 on what was to be Mr. Dio’s 70th birthday. They will be available on ASG’s web site (now not online 10/2018 – link removed) starting at 12:00 AM PST, so be ready. Pricing info has yet to be released, but I don’t think you should expect to pay what you’d be paying for a Wal-Mart guitar.


And as long as we’re showing videos… why not have the music video for the title track off Holy Diver?

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