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Dominic Miller

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Dominic Miller
Dominic Miller

You’ve probably heard of Dominic Miller from his work with Sting – in fact he’s played guitar on almost every Sting album produced to date. He’s also played with an incredible number of other musicians, including Sheryl Crow, Bryan Adams, Phil Collins (“But Seriously ..”), Peter Gabriel, Rod Stewart, and many more.

Dominic is a highly sought after session guitarist because of his flexibility – you can find him playing everything from Jazz to rock, to classical.

What strikes me most about Dominic’s style other than its obvious¬†flexibility, is his amazing phrasing, and on many songs – his gentle touch.

The guitar is treated more like an instrument than an “axe”, and his style shows great “intention” which I’ve talked about on only one other article about Jeff Beck.

As we do sometimes with Artist Spotlights, we’re going to let the music do the talking here, and focus on some of the many different styles of Dominic’s work.

The first and obvious choice would be the work with Sting, so we’ll start with one of my favorites, “Lullaby for an Anxious Child”

Dominic’s work with Sting is all incredible, and many of the things I love about Sting’s music end up being Dominic’s work – he really has a huge impact on the overall sound. This song highlights some of Dominic’s lighter touch and¬†melody.


Another amazing demonstration of Dominic’s music is his rendition of “Adiago in G Minor”.

This is such a beautiful song, and Dominic executes it perfectly.


If the nylon strings and relaxing melodies make you think that Dominic can’t pick up a Les Paul and jam – think again.

Here is some of that, with Dominic and his band playing “Otis”.

This song is full of brilliant textures and killer hooks, and lets Dominic show off some of his other talents:


You can find out more about Dominic Miller at his website, and of course all of his music is available via Amazon. (Some albums are available via MP3 download.)

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