Artist Spotlight: Jake Clayton

Jake Clayton

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Jake Clayton
Jake Clayton means business. Just look at him. Business.

Jake Clayton is no mere guitarist like any other we’ve covered here.  In fact I’m not entirely sure I’d call him a guitarist, except I would.  I think.  I’m not sure yet.  While the fiddle would happen to be his first pick, which he’s exceptionally good at, he can play an additional 26 different instruments.  Since the guitar happens to be somewhere in the mix that’s a loop hole enough for us to give him the spotlight he deserves.

Yes, Jake Clayton can play the guitar as well as the violin.  While he’s at it he can also play the piano, lap steel, pedal steel, banjo, mandolin, bass, viola, cello, and contrabass to name a few.  And it’s not like he’s good at some and just kinda sorta good at others.  He’s damn good at all of them.  I’d speculate that if Batman were a musician he’d keep a Jake Clayton in his utility belt at all times.  Seems like a versatile guy like that could come in handy in just about any situation.

I did the math.  A 25 year old playing 27 different instruments totals to about 338 days to practice each one, and that’s including 6 added leap year days.

Anyway.  Down to business.  What does a guy like this do with all of these skill sets? Currently he’s using them on tour with Sunny Sweeney who’s been opening for Brad Paisley, who Clayton had opened for with Jimmy Wayne in previous tours.  In addition he has performed for Taoist monks right in their homely monastery at Mt. Laoshan, China.  Yeah.  Monks.  Awesome.

Just recently he released his debut solo album Barnyard Stomp through Favored Nations, which is jam packed to the brimstone with 12 whole and entire instrumental songs.  Naturally he played every instrument on it save for the drums and two guest guitar tracks.  I’m sure that pretty much goes without saying, but there it is all the same.

Since his music is on the topic here’s a video of the song “Kickin’ Up Dust” off said album.

Brownie points for the dancers.



This guy is pretty much the epitome of incredible.  How one man can become so proficient at so many instruments at his age is surely something to behold.  There just aren’t enough musicians like this guy in the world, so we ought not take the one for granted.

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