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You know Smitch. The Smitchens, Managing editor of this fine website.

You might remember his rant about guitar auto tune software, or his “thing” with beer guitars, or – well any number of the articles in which he .. just sort of rants.

It’s pretty easy to get him going – when he’s having an off day or maybe didn’t get enough sleep, I just mention auto-tune and he wakes right up.

We’ve gotten emails asking for him to cover this or that, probably because people want to hear him get all excited about their own personal hot topic.

Well, we thought we’d give you a forum to suggest an article for The Smitchens to rant about – either in a good or bad way, he does both.

So what types of guitar news, products, or artists are on your mind?

Advice? Yeah, sure. As long as its not off topic, like how to break up with your girlfriend, or how to dispose of a body – keep it to guitar stuff and advice seeking is welcome!

Your suggestion will be sent immediately to his inbox.

Please be advised, that anything (besides your email and name) that you put into this form might be published on the site, so – well, just keep that in mind.

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