Author: Christian Kramer

Vox Tonelab SE

The Vox Tonelab SE Takes The Guesswork Out Of Pickup Selection

The VOX Tonelab SE has it all. I truly believe that this is the last effects module that I will ever have to buy.

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Huge Guitar Collection

Collect Great Guitars Without The Great Cost

Playing guitar is great, at home, in a band, jamming with friends, whatever the case may be. I’ve never been a collector of guitars, because of the immense cost in buying guitars worth collecting. My eyes have now been opened to a new possibility that has me very excited.

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Heritage H150
Featured Guitars

Heritage Guitars: Real Guitar Heros

The history of Heritage guitars, from 1985 to present date – and how they occupy the old Gibson Kalamazoo factory.

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Walker Guitar
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Get Me My Walker

Read Time 3 MinutesOne of the things that I love in a guitar is versatility, being able to do more than what is expected. You pick up a Fender Strat, you know what you’re going to get. Put a Les Paul in your hands and there is no surprise to what it is going to […]

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Les Paul
Guitar News

Don’t Settle for Less, When It Comes to Paul

Read Time 4 MinutesHow to Choose A Les Paul Style Guitar The day is finally here, you are in a music store ready to lay down your hard earned cash on your dream guitar. Looking over all of the Gibson Les Paul Custom’s on the rack, and finally lay your eyes on the Gold Top […]

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