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Jimmy Page
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Jimmy Page launches his first ever official website

My childhood hero and the reason I ever picked up a guitar, has finally got an official website. It was just announced on Twitter (7/14/11). Due to the immediate response from excited fans, the website had to post on Twitter that they were temporarily running a little slow from extraordinary high levels of traffic.

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Schecter Special Edition ATX Solo 7
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Schecter Special Edition ATX Solo 7 With Seymour Duncan Blackouts

The ATX solo 7 is the latest 7 string axe from Schecter. This beauty is only available right now in aged black satin (ABSN) with black chrome hardware. The ATX solo 7 is very similar to its predecessor or counterpart the Blackjack ATX solo 6.

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Johnny Depp On Guitar
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Johnny Depp is a “Great” Guitarist, According to Alice Cooper

Johnny Depp can play guitar:
Apparently Jonny Depp is not just a famous actor. He is also a talented musician. In fact, he says music has always been his first love.

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Limp Bizkit - Gold Cobra Album
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Limp Bizkit : New studio release album – Gold Cobra

It has been a while since these guys have had a new studio album. In fact it has been around 6 years since their last studio release. The tentative release date for Gold Cobra is June 28th 2011.

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Guitar Neck Set Action
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Setting Your Guitar’s Action

Action: By definition action is the height of the strings from the frets. It is important to have the correct action when playing your guitar. The overall setup of the guitar can affect the action of the instrument. Also, the way you set the action can be determined by your preference or what type of guitar you are playing. Basic guitar set up: Make sure these basic components are adjusted and set correctly before setting your string height.

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Jeff Healey
Artist Spotlights

Artist Spotlight: Jeff Healey

Here’s a spotlight on Jeff Healey highlighting his ability to overcome an incredible obstacle and for his great musical talent. Some killer video is included as well.
Norman Jeffrey “Jeff” Healey (March 25, 1966 – March 2, 2008)

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The Art Of A Great Guitar Solo

Remember the days when the guitar solo was the highlight of the song?
But then we had an era where bands started phasing out guitar solos. It seemed we went through a period where solos had vanished.

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Steve Vai
Artist Spotlights Top 11s

You Have To Steve It To Believe It

What’s in a name? Could it be that there is some cosmic power that brings out great guitar players when they are named Steve? If you think about it, a lot of famous guitarists are named Steve. Or it could be that Steve just happened to be a popular name about 45/55 years ago?
Whatever the reason may be, it makes for an fun topic.

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C Major Chord
Lessons Technique

Simply Amazing: The Mechanics of Uncomplicated Guitar

Sometimes simplicity is divine.
Not everything has to be difficult. This is also true when playing guitar.
I have the most fun playing basic songs. Simple harmonies that everyone can easily identify with.
They are fun to sing along with or just mess around.

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Ibanez Iceman Cracked Mirror Guitar
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Two Classic Cracked Mirror Guitars

Read Time 2 MinutesPaul Stanley’s Ibanez “Mirror Ball Iceman” Created around 1979-1980, this guitar was specially made for Paul. He wanted a guitar that would give off a dramatic effect when the stage lights hit the instrument. This work of art was painstakingly made by Jeff Hasselberger. He hand cut each piece of glass and […]

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