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Dave Willard

Guitar Technique

Technique: Are you Holding That Guitar Right? – Posture, Wrist, Thumb And More

What exactly is good technique? It varies from person to person, but here are some basics that can be used to set yourself on the right path.
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EHX Crying Tone Wah Pedal

Review and Demo On The EHX Crying Tone

Our Demo and review on the EHX Crying Tone Wah - EHX has changed the game completely with the Crying Tone: the first wah pedal with no moving parts.
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EHX Super Ego

Review and Demo: EHX Superego Synth Engine

Check out our review on EHX's stunning new pedal, The Super Ego Synth Engine. Includes features, and a video demo.
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6 Ways To Keep Your Guitar Rig From Sounding Like An Amateur

Nothing screams amateur more than a guitarist who's out of tune. However, getting a green light on your tuner may not be enough. Here are six things you can do to make sure you sound great - every time you play.
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Reggae Rhythm Guitar Exercise

3 Fun Guitar Exercises to Perfect Your Timing

For this article I've picked out three fun exercises you can try and each of them target weaknesses that I frequently encounter with many of my intermediate guitar students' rhythm playing.
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Blackstar HT-Metal Pedal

New from Blackstar: The HT-Metal Pedal

This year at NAMM, Blackstar announced the newest addition to its full line of valve distortion pedals: the HT-Metal - with "Pure Valve Filth!"
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A major 4s-16ths Guitar Scales

Rhythmic Brain Teasers: Fun with Scales and Metronomes

Yup, you read the title of this article correctly. I used the word “fun” along with the words “scale” and “metronome”. I think it is possible to have some fun with scale practice, it just takes a little imagination. If you find yourself getting a little bored with your scale practice, you can try some of these rhythmic brain teasers to keep things interesting.
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Jim Root Telecaster in Black

Jim Root Fender Telecaster

What guitar do you most associate with heavy metal music? Ask 100 people that question and most probably wouldn't say a Fender Telecaster. Well the Jim Root Artists series Telecaster from Fender sets out to prove that it can hang with the head bangers and is built for some serious heavy riffing, lightning fast leads and powerful tone.
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USA Stratocaster Artist Series - Jim Root

USA Stratocaster Jim Root Artist Series

Jim Root is best known as the guitarist for Slipknot and Stone Sour. When he got the chance to design his own custom Stratocaster, he combined his love for Charvel and Jackson shredder style guitars with his two favorite guitars from Fender, the Flat Head series Telecaster and Showmaster.
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The Aristocrats

What Do You Call An Act Like That? The Aristocrats! Album Review

What I love most about this album is its organic sound. There are hardly any overdubs at all, and absolutely no filler tracks. Instead, the band relies on their amazing abilities to play exactly the right thing at the right time to fill out the mix.
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