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Rocksmith Guitar Game

Rocksmith Guitar Game Aims to Appeal to Beginners and Experienced Players Alike

Rocksmith, planned for release in October by Ubisoft, aims to fill the void left by Guitar Hero with a fresh new approach: it's the first video game of its kind that lets you use a real life guitar.
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Fender Acoustasonic 100 and 150 Amps

Fender Acoustasonic 100 and 150 Combo Amps

Fender has recently released the newest additions to their acoustic guitar amp line-up. Gigging acoustic players will be pleased to see that theses new amps from Fender are now lighter, louder and tout even more features than anything previously released in the Acoustasonic line.
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Fender Guitar Amp

A Novice’s Guide to Recording Guitar Amps

Are you recording a guitar amp for the first time or just looking for some guidance in the process? This article will give you a general overview of what's involved when recording guitar amps and help you start recording some killer guitar tracks.
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Radial Tonebone Plexitube Pedal

Radial Tonebone – Plexitube Distortion Pedal

The sound of a Marshall amp at your feet! The Plexitube from Radial features a real 12AX7 tube and a unique multistage solid state circuitry that combines to create authentic British distortion.
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Rock Cover Band

Top 11 Overplayed Cover Songs

Today it seems that the cover bands, at least in my area, all play the same stuff. There is a ton great Top 40 hits to choose from, yet bands stick to a short list of tired, worn out tunes. I'm tired of playing them, and I'm definitely tired of hearing them.
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9 Chords Guitar Chart

What’s the difference between add9, Maj9 and 9 chords?

As a guitar teacher I see a lot of confusion, even among my more advanced students, when it comes to playing these types of chords. Truly knowing how to voice these chords comes from an understanding about how chord naming conventions tie into music theory. Let's explore the subject by taking a look at the difference between add9, Maj9 and 9 chords.
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Guitar Amp Tube

Guitar Amps: The Sound of Tubes

At one time it was thought that tube amps would soon become a relic of the past with the emergence of new solid state amplifying technologies in the 1990s. There are plenty of reasons why tubes can be thought of as being inferior to transistors but there's one important reason why tubes are still around after all these years: their sound!
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Gibson Dethklok Thunderhorse Explorer

Gibson’s New Dethklok Thunderhorse Explorer

Dethklok, is a fictional, hyperbolic death metal band on Cartoon Network’s show Metalocalypse. The show is both a parody and an homage to the heavy metal culture. With its unique brand of dark humor combined with musical authenticity, the show has developed a devout fan base of metal heads, guitar enthusiasts and cartoon lovers a […]
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