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Chris Cornell

Chris Cornell – Thank You For Everything

Chris Cornell brought the music an almost immeasurable number of gifts. This is one person's list of reasons to celebrate this amazing musician's life.
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Writing on Paper!

Songwriting On A DAW Is Way Easy

DAWs have changed songwriting considerably. Now, we can use technology to write songs in completely different ways, but is this a good thing?
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Ibanez SIR70FD Iron Label S Close Up

New Ibanez Iron Label S Series Guitars

Simplicity meets grace, elegance and metal with the two new S Series Iron Label guitars from Ibanez. Available in both six and seven string models.
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Self Distribution Options – What’s The Best Way To Sell Your Music?

Here is a feature comparison on some of the most popular digital music distribution options, including CD Baby, ReverbNation, TuneCore, and MondoTunes.
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Haywire Custom Telecaster - Rick Mariner - Haywire Guitars

Image Gallery: 12 Customized Fender Guitars

Theres something about the shape or magic vibe of Fenders that just inspires people to customize them. Here we have 12 Extremely customized Fenders. Check them out!
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DOD Pedals Are Back

DOD Is Back, With Two Classic Pedals – Phasor 201 And The Overdrive Preamp 250

DOD is back, with two new offerings that maintain that legendary sound while adding new features.
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Motörhead - Aftershock Album Art

Announcing Motörhead’s 21st Studio Album: Aftershock

Motörhead is preparing a new punk infused metal assault - the album is called Aftershock and it's hitting record stores soon! More details here.
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EHX - Hot Tubes

Back From ’78 – The EHX Hot Tubes Overdrive Pedal

Designed to reproduce the sounds of an overdriven vintage tube amp, the Hot Tube is back, in a smaller package, from EHX.
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DiMarzio Fast Track Loaded Pickguard

Make That Strat Sound Hotter With These Pre-Wired Pickguards

Breathe a little humbucker fire into that Stratocaster with these pickguards, fully loaded with the hottest rails style pickups around.
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“Guitar Music Is Dead!” – What’s Wrong With That Statement?

I just read another article all but predicting the end of guitar in modern music. I think it's complete crap, and I'm more than happy to tell you why.
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