Author: Marc Amendola

EHX Micro Pog Pedal

Micro POG from Electro Harmonix

The micro POG by electro harmonix is a great pedal for a pedal board that adds a little kick in the clean and a twist in the distorted tones. The micro POG is small enough to fit into any pedal board, yet it has a lot of the quality tones that come from the original POG pedal; but that’s a lot bigger and more expensive.

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Mesa Boogie Transatlantic TA-15 Guitar Amp
Amplifiers Video

Mesa Boogie Transatlantic Lunchbox Tube Amp w/video demo

Every so often a company makes a product that rips your face off. Here comes the little lunchbox amp from Mesa called the Transatlantic. It’s small but realistically…you won’t need another amp unless you are an amp conneissuer.

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Line 6 Echo Park Delay Pedal

Echo Park Delay Pedal From Line 6

There’s list of delay pedals on the market that I would love to own. I’ve tried many types of delays in the past and they work well, but this Echo Park pedal by Line 6 is at the top of my list.

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BC Rich Bich Double Neck Guitar
Featured Guitars

BC Rich Bich Doubleneck 6/12 String Guitar

I got my hands on a BC Rich Bich Doubleneck and it was amazing. The body style
works great for the guitar, as the body shape works perfect on the lap. The
guitar is really heavy due to the fact that it’s 2 guitars in one.

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Digitech Death Metal Pedal

The Digitech Death Metal Pedal

All my life I’ve searched for the best possible distortion on the planet. When I play metal I’m always searching for more gain. When I’m soloing I need the sustain coming from the distortion channel. I love distortion. It’s something close to my heart. I’m not even sure why, I just know it’s a high priority in my sound.

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Editorial Lessons

Guitar Build Part III – Adding Electronics To Your Guitar

Building the sound of your guitar is a major part of your guitar build. Many
players have taken pick up purchase as a pasttime. And it can become just that.
With so many possibilities it gets a bit out of control.

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Building Your Guitar Part II

After you choose the wood of your guitar and your neck, you need to consider
what hardware you will give this monster instrument, as well as what finish you
will place on the guitar. Hardware and finishes are the representation of your guitar.

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Ash Guitar Body

Building Your Guitar PART 1 : Wood Choice

When building your own guitar there are many steps, as well as many decisions to
make. First off is your choice of wood. You can make your guitar out of any
wood, really, but how it will sound depends on what you use for the body and
the neck.

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