Nicholas Tozier

Nicholas Tozier is a book hoarder and songbird from the woods of Maine. In 2012 he made a small cameo in Songwriting Without Boundaries by Berklee professor Pat Pattison, and was named one of CDBaby’s top 10 Songwriting Resources to follow on Twitter.

Harp Guitar

The Harp Guitar

Posted by - June 7, 2011
A harp guitar is simply a guitar that has some extra strings that are not fretted. They're generally meant to be plucked as open bass strings. Truth be told: a…
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Masada Guitars

Album: Masada Guitars

Posted by - May 31, 2011
As part of the tenth anniversary celebration of his composition project "The Masada Songbook," John Zorn's Tzadik records released a gem of an album called Masada Guitars. Featuring Marc Ribot,…
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Gibson Maestro Fuzz Tone FZ-1 Guitar Distortion Pedal

A Brief History of Fuzzboxes

Posted by - April 25, 2011
In the beginning, distortion was accidentally discovered bymany amplifier owners simultaneously--usually because of damage to valves or speakers. Of course the sound was undesirable to some, but surprising and appealing…
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