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Scott Collins

Dan Donato

Interview with Daniel Donato

Daniel Donato goes one on one with Scott Collins in an interview that covers everything that comes with the territory of being a country lead guitarist.
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Antonio Hermosa AH-50 Acoustic/Electric Review

Scott Collins puts an affordable Antonio Hermosa AH-50 acoustic guitar through its paces in this review. To find out his thoughts you need only check here.
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Zoom A3 Acoustic Modelling Effects Pedal Review

The Zoom A3 guitar effect pedal, one that combines acoustic modelling, a pre-amp and effects, gets a detailed examination by Scott Collins in this review.
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Chris Buono with S2

Chris Buono Interview

Chris Buono Talks Beginnings, Recording, Gear, Teaching, and More
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Bias iPad App

Positive Grid reveals a sneak peak of their BIAS iPad app

Scott Collins takes a look at the available information on the upcoming Power Grid BIAS iPad app and what he knows about how it can shape your guitar's tone.
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Positive Grid Jam plug Black

JamUp And JamUp Pro Review

I tried Positive Grid’s JamUp XT and JamUp Pro and found these are the new essentials for modern guitarist.
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E Melodic Minor one string

Melodic Minor Pentatonic Lesson

How to create some cool sounds with only a small change to patterns that you probably already know.
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Yngwie Malmsteen - Relentless Book Cover

Lessons Learned From Relentless: A Memoir By Yngwie J. Malmsteen

What kind of lessons can you learn from Yngwie Malmsteen's fascinating book, "Relentless: A Memoir"? Find out here!
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The Ballad Of Cigar Boy – A Unison Tapping Lesson

Tapping technique: Scott teaches us how to use multi-finger taps to create a very fast tap effect.
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Making Sense Of The Pentatonic Minor Scale

In this Lesson, you'll learn how to visualize the Pentatonic Minor scale across the fretboard so you can play it in any position.
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