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The Line 6 AMPLIFi FX100

Line 6's new AMPLIFi FX100 multi-effect pedal gives guitarists boundless tonal possibilities with cloud storage to share and save all of those sweet tones.
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Ibanez NAMM 2014: Guitars, Pedals, Amps. You Name It

With Winter NAMM 2014 firing on all cylinders, Ibanez jumps in with an ocean of new gear. Here we feature the RG9, the TS808DX, amps, and more.
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NAMM 2014: BC Rich Mockingbird Plus FR

In the closing days before Winter NAMM 2014 BC Rich has announced one of the new guitars that can be found at their booth. The Mockingbird Plus FR.
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Jamstar Playing

Jamstar Acoustics App Review

Here we take a look at the app Jamstar Acoustics. A free cell phone and tablet app for Droids and iPhones that offers a more accessible method of learning.
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Keith Merrow and the Schecter KM-7 Guitar

Keith Merrow, the extreme metal guitarist, has teamed with Schecter to design a seven-string guitar that can rip through faces like it rips through the mix.
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Paul Gilbert

Paul Gilbert Interview on Oscar’s Guitar Shop

Oscar Jordan is joined live in studio with Paul Gilbert in this episode of Oscar's Guitar Shop where the two talk guitar, then play everything on the spot.
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Yamaha Corporation Acquires Line 6

The Yamaha Corporation has officially acquired Line 6. From now on both companies will mutually move forward to speed up the realization of their goals.
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EHX Soul Food

The Electro-Harmonix Soul Food Overdrive

With the release of EHX's new Soul Food, they offer an overdrive pedal that gives guitarists plenty of headroom to flex their tonal muscles as they see fit.
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Washburn WD100DL

Five Acoustics under $200 to Get Budding Guitarists Started

We've got the low down on five acoustic guitars whether you're looking for one to offer a beginner or if you're adding to your already healthy collection.
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The Guitar-Muse What To Buy Guitarists For Christmas 2013 List

It's Christmas time. That means parents everywhere are going to be confused with what to buy their guitarist kids for Christmas. Guitar-Muse wishes to help.
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