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EHX 8 Step Program

Review: Electro-Harmonix 8 Step Program

Guitar-Muse's Kyle Smitchens gets his hands on an Electro-Harmonix 8 Step Program and puts it through its paces. What's the consensus? Find out here.
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Ernie Ball Leaks New John Petrucci Signature Guitar

John Petrucci is a guitarist with an attention to detail and the resources to make those details a reality. Now we've got a visual to put those details on.
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Are Fans Ready for A New Slayer Album?

After a slew of unfortunate events surrounding the Slayer camp, the band has decided to press forward with a new album. But is the fan base really ready?
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Freedom Rock

Hey Man, Is That Freedom Rock?

Freedom Rock - Here we reflect on he best compilation of rock guitar music that represents the joyful generation of warfare, protest, and jail time.
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Schecter Blackjack SLS C-1 FR-S Bridge

Schecter Features the Blackjack SLS C-1 FR-S Guitar

Schecter's new Blackjack, the SLS C-1 FR-S, is available. Is it primed to give heavy metal guitarists what they need to shatter the earth? Find out here.
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Guitar Challenge: Insane Bending Exercises

In this article Kyle Smitchens explores as many aspects of bending as he can in one sitting. How many ways can one person bend on a guitar? Find out here.
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EHX Slammi

Electro-Harmonix – Next Step Slammi

The Slammi is a pitch shifter and harmonizer completely controllable by foot.
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Oscar’s Guitar Shop Interview with Yngwie Malmsteen

In this episode of Oscar's Guitar Shop Oscar Jordan goes head to head with neo-classical guitar virtuoso Yngwie Malmsteen.
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Ibanez RG7421

Searching for the Seventh String: A Quest for a New Guitar

Kyle Smitchens boldly journeys into the market for a new seven string guitar. Here he documents his experiences with the Ibanez RG7421 and the LTD M-17.
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A Gallery of the Grim Reaper’s Guitars

The Grim Reaper's up to bat this time around in this Halloween guitar gallery. What kind of guitars would Death itself keep lying around? Find out here.
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