B.C. Rich 2012 Signature Models

Matt Tuck Signature V

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B.C. Rich 2012 Signature Guitar Catalog

BC Rich has been busy planning their 2012 catalog and since the time to roll out the red carpet had arisen they had enough new models to arm a small army.¬† Now that the proper introduction has been tended to let’s see the new artillery¬† BC Rich is busting out.¬† Since BC Rich has a crap load of new signature models we’re going to tackle those first.

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25th Anniversary Kerry King V-Tribe Full Sized And Jr. V

This year will feature two separate new models of the famous Kerry King V with yet another blend of tribal artwork emblazed upon the body. Both guitars feature maple neck-through construction with a maple body and an ebony fretboard. Both models also include Kerry King’s signature Kahler tremolo and Grover Mini Rotomatic tuners on a 24 5/8″ scale though the similarities don’t go much beyond that.

The full sized King V features a Beast modeled headstock, a 12″ neck radius, and custom Kerry King inlays. The pickups are both EMG humbuckers with an 85 in the neck position and an 81 at the bridge with a PA2 preamp.

To contrast that the Jr. has a Widow headstock with a 16″ neck radius and with the exception of the KFK inlay at the twelfth fret the rest of the neck is blank, and while both humbuckers are EMG they are Kerry King Signature series.

Jon Donais Signature Gunslinger

Shadow’s Fall guitarist Jon Donais has invested some time with BC Rich as well lately devising what would be his new signature Gunslinger. The body is alder with a bolt-on maple neck and fretboard. The Gotoh hardtail bridge marks the location of point A for the strings in their journey to point B in the Sperzel tuners crammed into the reversed headstock. The Gunslinger holsters two EMG pickups with an 85 in the neck and an 81 in the bridge and it’s finished off with a shadow finish to make it all the more fitting to be used in a band called Shadow’s Fall.

Jinxx Pro X Bich

Black Veil Brides guitarist Jinxx has invested in a signature Bich. The maple neck-through construction compliments the mahogany body like a fine wine to an authentic Italian dish of spaghetti and like the parmesan cheese it’s gingerly sprinkled with an ebony fretboard. The headstock is fully loaded with Grover tuners and the bridge is a Floyd Rose Original function as the metaphorical spaghetti sauce and the of EMG 81 humbuckers in both the neck and bridge positions fulfill the role of the meatballs.

Jake Pitts Pro X Mockingbird

Not to be one-upped by his band mate Jinxx, Black Veil Brides guitarist Jake Pitts puts his cooking skills to the test on his new signature model coming out. The Pro X Mockingbird being more like sushi in a Japanese restaurant the maple neck-through construction with a mahogany body help keep the sound raw and the ebony fretboard is the equivalent of the seaweed that wraps around it all. Like the rice It’s packed with a layer of Grover Rotomatic tuners and a Floyd Rose Original bridge and the pair of EMG 81 humbuckers are the varying meats, be it shrimp, salmon or a big glob of tofu if that’s your thing.

Neil Giraldo Signature Eagle

Neil Giraldo’s new guitar uses a mahogany neck-through construction and a mahogany body and an ebony fretboard like clay to sculpt his new Eagle. It includes a set of Sperzel tuners, a Bigsby tremolo, and a set of Seymour Duncan humbuckers with an SH-2 at the neck and an SH-4 at the bridge. The tobacco sunburst and kato green finishes make it worthy of being on display in a museum. You know. Where it belongs.

Matt Tuck Signature V

Bullet for My Valentine guitarist Matt Tuck’s new V will feature a mahogany neck-through construction through a mahogany body and an ebony fretboard. It comes with a Tonepros Tune-o-Matic bridge, Grover Super Rotomatics, and a set of EMG humbuckers with an 85 at the neck and an 81 at the bridge. It comes in a stylish silver sparkle or a transparent purple finish.


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