BC Rich Bich Doubleneck 6/12 String Guitar

BC Rich Bich Double Neck Guitar

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BC Rich Bich Double Neck Guitar
BC Rich Bich

I got my hands on a BC Rich Bich Doubleneck and it was amazing. The body style works great for the guitar, as the body shape works perfect on the lap. The guitar is really heavy due to the fact that it’s 2 guitars in one.

The controls are abundant as you could imagine. Each neck has two rockfield humbucker pickups in the bridge and neck positions for a total of 4 in all. Each set  with two volumes and a tone control for each guitar neck.

There is also a 3 way toggle to go between each neck on this guitar.  The 6 string body has coil tap switches for each pickup and a phase reverse switch for those pickups as well. Those are the 3 steel mini toggles lined so neatly at the bottom of the controls.

BC Rich Bich Double Neck Guitar
BC Rich Bich

The guitar headstocks look identical, but if you look closely you see the 12 string headstock has string holders for the ball end at the headstock.

They are the “7-12” strings going to tuners on the body of the 12 string Bich. The design is really cool. There does leave a need to clip those strings really close
because they caught my arm when I played the ax, but the guitar otherwise was

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