B.C. Rich Zoltan Bathory Signature ASM Guitar

Zoltan Bathory AZEO

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Zoltan Bathory’s B.C. Rich Guitars

Lets take a moment to turn back the clock and reflect on cool signature guitars of the days of yore (two years ago qualifies as the days of yore. I decree it so) and take a look at not one, not two, but three signature ASM guitar models based entirely around the precise needs of Five Finger Death Punch guitarist Zoltan Bathory. Armed to the teeth and ready for action like a meat grinder just aching to grind some meat are the AZMM, AZMO, and AZEO models. However, while there are three separate models you can expect there are a lot of similarities if not outright “sames” so to speak, so let’s see what we’re up against here.


Zoltan Bathory AZMM
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The AZMM is built with a mahogany body and a maple neck and takes full advantage of BC Rich’s expertise in neck-through construction, and finishing the wood selection off it has a maple fretboard that accommodates the living requirements for 24 jumbo frets. The reversed headstock is loaded with Grover Mini Rotomatic tuners and the bridge role is fulfilled by the Floyd Rose Original series tremolo. The AZMM also includes two Rockfield Mafia humbuckers that can be coil tapped at the behest of the push-pull tone knob. As far as aesthetics go it has a natural finish to compliment the quilted maple top and the fretboard is blank with the exception of a standing lion inlay on the third fret.


Zoltan Bathory AZMO
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Near as I can tell there isn’t a whole lot different between the AZMM and the AZMO. In fact to me they seem to be downright the same guitar. This one also includes the maple neck-through construction coupled with the mahogany body and the maple fretboard with the aforementioned lion inlay. It also shares the Grover Mini Rotomatic tuners, the Floyd Rose Original, and the Rockfield Mafia humbuckers that share the same coil tapping properties as the AZMM. The most noticeable difference is the onyx finish instead of the natural finish. That’s enough to warrant a separate model, I’d say.


Zoltan Bathory AZEO
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The AZEO is also not entirely different from the AZMM and the AZMO, as could be guessed. The AZEO has the mahogany body and the maple neck with the neck-through construction going for it only in this case it has an ebony fretboard and the standing lion inlay is made of a different material to properly contrast the color of the wood. The fretboard is mostly what qualifies this as a new model because beyond that the tuners are still Grover Mini Rotomatics, the bridge is the Floyd Rose Original tremolo, and the two humbuckers are also Rockfield Mafia pickups which are fully coil tappable. The onyx finish carries over from the AZMO.

In conclusion I would say they are pretty much three variations of one model, but I suppose it’s one of those tomato tom-ah-to scenarios. Who cares? They’re cool guitars and that’s what we’re about regardless of what they’re called so yeah. We now return you to our regular schedule.

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