Behemoth And Demon Energy Fight Cancer

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An Endorsement Made In… Heaven… Or Something Like That.

Nergal, the front man of the black/death metal hybrid band Behemoth, has announced an endorsement for Demon energy drinks. While to some it may seem an abstract endorsement and to others (probably most others) a very predictable one, but either way it’s there. It’s happened and all that’s left is to fill in the blanks of the hows and whys.

As for the hows it was deceptively simple. Demon made him an offer and he accepted. To an extent his involvement was rather light hearted as he’s expressed he’s not really into energy drinks to begin with, but accepted because he liked the name. However the reasoning behind it is not so one-dimensional. A big part of the agreement was that a percentage of the proceeds would go to the DKMS foundation that fights the good fight against blood cancer.

Nergal having been diagnosed with leukemia back in 2010 was though to have been as good as dead. Of course fortune smiled upon him and a donor was found so he could live yet another day and the donor was found through the DKMS foundation. This endorsement is primarily being used as a way to scratch back for the favor.

Behemoth certainly has had their time in the limelight of controversy, but I’m willing to put my neck on the cutting board and say regardless of the controversy anyone that puts something forward to keep cancer at bay is deserving of a tipped hat and a high five.  Plus… the way I see it.  If merging with another company to make toilet paper is worth bringing up then the fight against cancer has to be worth it by default.

The Impending Tenth Album

Behemoth hasn’t been sitting around just sipping on energy drinks. They’ve been hard at work making preparations for the rehearsal of what will be their currently unnamed tenth studio album as the follow up to 2009’s Evangelion. The last thing he’d spoken about on what they had insofar was a handful of riffs and leads they were building around. It’s vague and leaves a lot to the imagination as to how they will continue their legacy and it seems as though we’ll have to patiently wait for 2013 before we get to hear anything of it.

The Impending Europe/Russia Tour

Fortunately fans don’t have to wait until 2013 before they get to hear from Behemoth again. At least the European and Russian fans don’t. While they’re preparing for rehearsals come September they will be doing so around a Europe and Russia tour that stretches from August through the beginning of October. The tour dates can be conveniently found just below this sentence (hey, that can be helpful information if your peripheral vision is broken).

Tour Dates:

08/10 Derbyshire, UK – Bloodstock
08/16 Dinkelsbuehl, Germany – Summer Breeze
08/17 Slovakia – Gothoom Fest
08/19 Theix, France – Motocultor
09/23 Moscow, Russia – Milk
09/24 St. Petersburg, Russia – Kosmonavt
09/26 Ekaterinburg, Russia – Tele-Club
09/28 Novosibirsk, Russia – Rock City
09/29 Krasnojarsk – Havana
09/30 Krasnodar, Russia – Arena
10/01 Minsk, Belarus – Re:Public
10/02 Kiev, Ukraine – Green Theatre

Have a nice day.

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