Behold The DigiTech JamMan Solo XT Looper

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So What Is The JamMan Solo XT?

Of all the pedals out there one of the most infinitely useful, and probably my favorite of them all, I think I’ve come across is the looper. Nothing beats being able to record something on the fly, multitrack, and manipulate your licks and riffs on the fly.

Speaking of loopers DigiTech has unveiled their next pedal of the aforementioned effect – the JamMan Solo XT looper. The JamMan Solo XT is to looper pedals what sequels (usually) are to movies. It takes everything that makes the original great and ups the ante tenfold. Only in the case of pedals that’s fortunately a good thing because it means more options.

So What’s It Do?

The Features

Being a looper pedal the JamMan Solo XT’s primary purpose is to record. And record it does. It can pull off up to 35 minutes of continuous recording in stereo that sounds right up to the standards of CDs. If that’s not enough to contain your ambitious visions you can use an optional mini SDHC card to expand your resources to over 16 hours. Over half a day. Over two work shifts. But you know what? That’s just not enough. We need maximum resources. That’s why Digitech added a USB port so you can plug into a computer with the JamManager XT software and use your computer to store your loops on tap and ready to recall at will.

As I mentioned earlier you get looping in stereo both input and output and features the JamSync function for when it’s linked to at least one more JamMan Solo XT up to as many as you like… or as many as you can afford / justify purchasing. The JamSync function opens the door to multi-phrase looping to record different length loops without losing synchronization. Better yet, give one to every member of the band to sync up your loops. Though be forewarned if you want to exploit this feature to its fullest of potential you might have to break the bank or charge up the card. Might want to look into financing options.

Anyway. That’s not where the power of the JamMan Solo stops. Tired of trying to time that stomp with your playing only too find that it’s a millisecond off enough to throw the whole loop off? Well that’s why there’s an auto-record tool that stars recording right when you start playing and it’s accompanied by a full blown metronome with time signature and hands-free options.

The Controls

There are two volume controls one for the loop and the other for the rhythm. In between them is a tempo button, a setup button for miscellaneous functions, and a store button for preserving your loops until kingdom come, and arrow buttons to select modes.

There is a pair of stereo inputs and outputs with a fifth jack for a separate footswitch and a small auxiliary input jack. The JamSync is used with the input / output on the topside next to the power jack.

So What’s the Damage and When Can I Get One?

There is an answer to that question but there’s a degree of ambiguity with it. DigiTech has announced a release as specific as October 2012, so in short any time now. The MSRP has been announced at $309.95 so you can expect to pay in the upper $200s for one.

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