Black Sabbath – New Album Title, New Drummer, And Approximate Release Date

The core remnants of Black Sabbath

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Black Sabbath’s Recent Comings and Goings

Black Sabbath’s activity has stabled itself out into something more calm and digestible.  Over the weekend they have made a few announcements involving some vague details about an upcoming album, a tour, and the low down on who will be playing drums for both.  Though the band has been ambiguous on some details we’re not so in the dark now regarding the future of the band and what to expect of them in this brave new era of 2013.

The Album

The core remnants of Black Sabbath
Black Sabbath

Well, technically, it’s the first time this particular group – the original Black Sabbath (minus Bill Ward)  – have released a studio album of new material. There have been a few bumps along the road, but it appears that this album is almost ready to go out.

There isn’t an exact release date, but Black Sabbath did announce over the weekend that the album would be released in June, and it’s to be titled 13.  The band has written 15 songs and have released only one track title, the optimistically titled “God is Dead”, to sustain the fan base until they are ready to release more.

The Drummer Situation

I’m sure a number of people are wondering, but any concerns about whether or not Bill Ward will be involved can be laid to rest.  He will not be included in this endeavor, because he could not reach an agreement on financial details with the other members of Black Sabbath.

On drums in Bill’s place will be Brad Wilk, of Rage Against the Machine and Audioslave fame.  Black Sabbath has released enough information to wet our appetites, but they didn’t get too in depth as to how Wilk was recruited, who else auditioned for the slot, or how long it took for them to pick someone, or furthermore whether he’s been hired as a band member or if he’s more of a session member for the album and tour.

The Tour

Speaking of touring, over the weekend the band announced some international tour dates.  This will be the first time the band has toured the Australian area since the 70s.  The dates include:

  • 4-20: Auckland, New Zealand
  • 4-22: Auckland, New Zealand
  • 4-25: Brisbane, Australia
  • 4-27: Sydney, Australia
  • 4-29: Melbourne, Australia
  • 5-1: Melbourne, Australia
  • 5-4: Perth, Australia
  • 5-12: Tokyo, Japan

A little history

Back in October, 2011, Black Sabbath rumors were flying. We heard “yes” from some corners, and “no” from others. Eventually, things got worked out, with a tour announcement in November of 2011, and it seemed that everyone agreed that the reunion was happening – until the drama with Bill Ward began.

It started with Bill Ward claiming his contract was “Unsignable”, and there hasn’t been much progress made (at least with Bill) since.

We’d all love to see the entire band back together for an album and tour, but we’re not sure that is going to happen, so we may as well be happy with the addition of Brad Wilk on drums, because even without Bill Ward, it’s still going to be a momentous album and tour for fans of Sabbath.

Black Sabbath 13
Black Sabbath 13

Update: Album Artwork

Since this information came out Black Sabbath has unveiled the cover art for the 13.  It depicts a number 13 set ablaze against a dark overcast background.

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