Blackmore’s Night – A Preview Song From Dancer and the Moon

Dancer and the Moon

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Dancer and the Moon

Dancer and the Moon is the upcoming 8th studio album from Blackmore’s Night. The album features the revered Ritchie Blackmore on guitars, mandolin, bass, renaissance drums, and tambourine while the elegant Candice Night does all the vocals and plays the penny whistle.

Dancer and the Moon
Dancer and the Moon

The 13-track album features three cover songs including “I Think it’s Going to Rain Today” originally by Randy Newman, “Lady in Black” of Uriah Heep fame, and “The Temple of the King” by Rainbow. Though the last one doesn’t seem so much like a cover to me so much as it does the original artist doing something new with his own idea. At least the legalities of anything by Rainbow are probably pretty easy to get through.

Dancer and the Moon’s release date is scheduled for June 11th in North America and June 14th in Europe and it will be available in two editions. In the left corner is the traditional CD and jewel case. In the right corner is the dual disc deluxe edition digipack that contains the CD and a bonus DVD with music videos of “Dancer and the Moon” and “The Moon is Shining (Somewhere Over the Sea)”.

Of course the album will also be available for download on Amazon and iTunes. Why wouldn’t it be?

After the album is released the band will embark on a tour starting on June 15th that will mostly cycle through Russia and Europe.

The Moon is Shining (Somewhere Over the Sea)

“The Moon is Shining (Somewhere Over the Sea)” is the first song released to wet our palette for Dancer and the Moon. Give it a listen.

While retaining the folkey style that is a trademark of Blackmore’s Night you can get some hints of Deep Purple, not surprisingly since “Galliard” and “Carry On… Jon” were written as tribute songs for the late Jon Lord of Deep Purple fame. Trace elements (particularly the solo) often reminded me of old Rainbow songs like “Tarot Woman”.

Dancer and the Moon Track Listing

01. I Think It’s Going To Rain Today
02. Troika
03. The Last Leaf
04. Lady In Black
05. Minstrels In The Hall
06. The Temple Of The King
07. Dancer And The Moon
08. Galliard
09. The Ashgrove
10. Somewhere Over The Sea (The Moon Is Shining)
11. The Moon Is Shining (Somewhere Over The Sea)
12. The Spinner’s Tale
13. Carry On… Jon

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