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Blackstar ID-60 Combo Amp

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Introducing The Blackstar ID: Series

Blackstar amps has recently pulled the silk sheet off their newest line of amps showcasing them and all their glorious potential to all the world. Introducing your amps in shining armor – the Blackstar ID: Series. Within the ID: Series are five new candidates for 5/7 of the next wonders of the world offering you, the courageous consumer, your choice of combo amps, heads, and a cabinet to add to your tonal pallet.

The detail about these amps is they are programmable amps with built in effects and distortions as well as tube modeling in addition to the traditional amp functions. If you haven’t skipped down to the details yet then you’re probably waiting for a snazzy segue, so here it is. Please welcome the ID:60TVP, ID:260TVP, ID:TVP-H, ID:100TVP, and the ID:412.

The Combo Amps.

Blackstar ID-60 Combo Amp
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The ID:60TVP is a 60 watt combo amp with one 12” speaker while the ID:260TVP has two 12” speakers. It uses Blackstar’s True Valve Power technology to bolster the amp’s performance in any situation to react like a full blown tube amp both in terms of loudness and the reaction to the volume and your playing.

True Valve Power

Speaking of the True Valve Power you have six tube settings to choose from offering you your choice between the sounds of EL84, 6V6, EL34, KT66, 6L6, and KT88 tubes. Built in is a separate six-way control knob for channel selecting between clean warm, clean bright, crunch, super crunch, OD1, and OD2 settings. The channel knob’s pen pal on the other side of the amp’s face is the effect section. At your disposal are several knobs allowing you to control the many aspects of effects including modulation, delay, and reverb and you can harness the effect level like it were the sword in the stone to tweak it to your preferred tone.

Additional Specs

In addition to those you get your traditional EQ section to toggle the lows, mids, and highs with an ISF knob next to them, as well as master volume, presence, and resonance controls and buttons just below the controls to select one of four channels, tap, the True Valve Power switch, manual mode, and a bank control.

Since I’ve gone and mentioned the bank control now seems like a fitting time to bring up the storage bank. The ID: Series comes with storage banks in the amps. You can save up to 128 user created patches for future needs. And you know what the wave of the future is? USB ports on amps, and these amps are right up with the times. The built-in USB port allows computer connectivity to use with the supplied software for recording, editing, practicing, and any other need your innovative imagination can come up with.

But wait. There’s more. You have MIDI input and MP3/line input both available as well as a speaker emulated output, a built-in tuner, and a designated foot switch input, though out of all these things these amps do have the foot switch is one that you’ll have to pick up separately.

The Heads And Cabinet

Blackstar ID-60 Amp Head
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Both the ID:60TVP-H and ID:100TVP share the same features all around as the combo amp only 60 watts and 100 watts respectively as well as the absence of the speakers. For the speakers I direct your attention to the ID:412 cabinet that comes in both straight and slanted variations and can support 280 watts with 4 ohms.

The ID: Series is slated for release later in the summer of 2012 and by then pricing will have surfaced.

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