Boss GT-100: One Pedal To Rule Them All

Boss GT-100 Multi Effects Pedal

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Boss Forges Multi-Effects: GT-100

Boss GT-100 Multi Effects Pedal
Boss GT-100 - Click to Enlarge

This year Boss is no stranger to new gear this year as they come bolstering through the most heavily barricaded of walls, forged in a volcano, and imbued with the words “one pedal to rule them all”*

Boss has unveiled their new multi-effect pedal – the GT-100.

*All you have to do is put the pedal in a fire and the words will show up.**
**Don’t actually do that. That would be bad.

What Is 10 x 10? GT-100. That’s What.

And you can put that on any math test. Your teacher will pass you because you’re awesome alone. The GT-100 introduces Boss’ own home-grown COSM (composite object sound modeling) technology to reinforce the amp modeling built in to replicate the tones only the amps of the days of yore could supply as well as some refreshing new tones. To make using the pedal even easier it has two LCD screens. Having the second screen offers more space between the two to see amp settings or to view two menus at once. That’s for lack of better say. According to Boss the GT-100 is menu free, so whatever you call the things you see on the displays that lets you tweak settings, you get to spread them out over two LCD screens.

For any custom patches the GT-100 features Boss’ EZ Tone and the Tone Grid giving you all the freedom and assistance you need to design the tones you want. As the name implies you get a grid that lets you tweak already available tones or come up with new tones from scratch.

Other new features include the Accel pedal which is a sort of all-purpose pedal, so to speak. A simple push of the Accel switch or the holding of can affect various parameters of your current effects in a number of ways including feeback, twist, s-bend, and as many more as your creativity can may permit you to come up with. On top of that the GT-100 has an A/B channel divider built in allowing you the ability to assign an assortment of amps and effects to separate channels and switch to and fro to your heart’s content.

The Specs.

Boss GT-100 Multi Effects Pedal
Boss GT-100 - Click to Enlarge

Some of the details that encompass the GT-100 are as follows. The sampling rate clocks in at 44.1 KHz, it can store up to 200 patches, 200 of which are stock leaving the users 200 slots to save their own concoctions. The included effects are compression, overdrive, distortion, equalizer, delay, and chorus. There is and FX1/FX2 control in the pedal that can control various effects on top of the already mentioned including filter and wah, wave synths, sitars, harmonizers, phasers, flangers, tremolos, rotary, uni-v, panning, slicing, vibrato, ring modulation, and humanizing. There’s also a tuner and a metronome included. How thoughtful.

The GT-100 is controlled with two pedals to scroll up and down through the banks, 4 pedals to select specific patches in each bank, a looper pedal, the Accel pedal, and an expression pedal. There are 8 all-purpose knobs to tweak the details of the patches and one master volume knob. There are also 2/3 of a baker’s dozen separate buttons that can aid you in your quest to save your patches and get to things like the aforementioned Tone Grid.

On the backside all the input and output jacks are conveniently organized. There is one input jack, two output for mono and stereo, an auxiliary in, a headphone out, effect loop send and return jacks, an amp control and sub amp control jack, a USB port (for the ladies), MIDI in and out, and a DC power jack.

As far as price is concerned you can expect to dish out, oh I’d say around $549 for one of these.

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