Brian May Signature Guitar

Brain May Burns Guitar

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Brain May Burns Guitar
Brain May Burns Guitar

This guitar was built by Burns Guitars in the UK.

It is built to Brian May’s specifications, all the way down to the acoustic sound chambers built into the basswood body.

The neck is made from hard rock maple (how fitting) and it’s topped off with an ebony fingerboard. It is a 24 inch scale neck, with 24 frets and a zero fret.

The range of tones are almost limitless on this guitar, thanks to the ability to select pickups and phase individually (the switches you see on the guitar).

Sound is captured courtesy of Burn’s own Tri-Sonic Pickups, which Brian has been using since he built his first Red Special.

As replicas of Brian May’s “Red Special” Burns got it about as close as possible, before¬†manufacturing¬†got taken over by Brian May Guitars.

The Red Special, was a guitar Brian and his father made – starting work in 1963. The neck was hand shaped out of the wood from a fireplace mantle that was about to be discarded, and the body is semi-hollow, due to several pieces of wood (oak, blockboard) and covered with a mahogany veneer.

Burns didn’t go through all that however, but they did duplicate everything as close as possible using more standard manufacturing techniques.

The Burns guitar is said to allow for exact duplications of many Queen sounds if you tweak your sound just right.


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