Build Your Own Guitar Pedalboard

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Make Your Own Pedalboard In An Afternoon

Over the course of a few weeks, back around the first of this year, we had quite a discussion about pedalboards; how to design them, how to build them, what was important and what wasn’t. We decided that building our own GM pedalboard was a good idea and the designs flew hot and heavy for a while until we all got bored with it and it was left to me to carry on. Well… I did. It took a while to establish the final parameters in the design and decide what we wanted to actually publish for you to build, but here is the design and instructions at last.

If you’re an accomplished drill, circular saw and hand tool user, this will be an easy afternoon project for you.

The cutting and drilling is simple and the board design is basic, easy to understand and build – and extremely functional. The best part is, you can build the Standard board (12″ X 24″, holds 10, 2&1/2″ X 5″, “Boss” sized pedals) for about $20.00, depending on paint choice, carpet, or trim level. The Mini (12″ X 20″) and the Micro (12″ X 12″) will be about the same as you have to buy the same size piece of plywood, but you could make 2 of the Micro boards. The Longboard (12″ X 30″) will be more and the Mega (18″ X 36″) will be in the $35.00 range. Compare the finished product with the cost of comparable pedalboards in the marketplace and you are making out nicely for the cost of an afternoon of your time.

There’s good news for non-power-tool-friendly people, too.

We will be offering kits for the boards, with the cutting and drilling done for you. All you have to do is assemble them with hand tools. You provide glue, nails, filler, paint and carpet. We’re still working on the logistics of this, so please be patient if you want one. There will be a list of what kits are available, and what they will cost, coming up as soon as we work out some details.

Originally, there was a 2-tiered and a 3-tiered design as well, but I scrapped those as way too hard to build for the non-woodworker. I built a 2-tier board for myself and it was a giant pain-in-the-(fill in your own expletive here)! You really need a well equipped shop (table saw, chop saw, etc…) to build these safely because there are some small parts you have to make. I no longer have all those tools so it was a little difficult. I will make those plans available to anyone who wants them. Details are below.

Below is the finished board:



In the instructions is a mention of a “Trimming the Board” article. That is still under development but you can build and use the board until it’s ready. You will only have to remove the handle and remount it on the trim later. No changes are required for the addition of the wood trim.

Also, you can paint any color you want, and use any color rug you want. Just get the rubber backed “throw rug” type, and use one of the bound edges along the front of the board to help prevent fraying from handling. The stiff-backed carpet may not adhere well with the spray adhesive.


Two Tier Board

Here’s a shot of my 2-tiered board with the trim set in place, it’s not finished yet, and the wild carpet.

It was a real pain to build but it does make a one-of-a-kind board! Let your imagination take over… it’s your pedalboard!

I’ll throw in a follow-up after I complete it.

At the bottom of the article is a download link to download the plans and instructions, free of charge. Help is available in the forum (Look for the “Pedalboard Building Help” topic under “Effects”). You can also leave questions in the comments section under this article or, you can email me as stated above. Please put pedalboard help in your subject line. Thanks.

Good luck with your project. Send me pictures of your finished product. Maybe we’ll have a drawing for a prize!

The Pedalboard Plans


As I said, email me if you want plans for my (two-tier) board.

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2 years ago

Hello, I would like to construct a two tiered pedalboard. Any suggestions, diagrams, material lists etc would be greatly appreciated.

9 years ago

Oops! That should read cutting “Slots” in your board. Sorry.

9 years ago

We have an update to “cutting clots” in your board that will publish shortly. I’ll email it to you as well. Look for info in the Forum under the “Effects” category, Pedalboard Q&A topic.

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