Building Your Guitar PART 1 : Wood Choice

Ash Guitar Body

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Ash Guitar BodyWhen building your own guitar there are many steps, as well as many decisions to
make. First off is your choice of wood. You can make your guitar out of any
wood, really, but how it will sound depends on what you use for the body and
the neck. I would go with a mahogany body and a Maple neck.  But many people use
adler, basswood, ash, poplar, Walnut, korina, koa, Maples, and spruce as wood
for thier guitar body.

Wood caps are becoming popular.  A wood cap is where there is a top piece of
wood for finishing on your wood body. The cap adds a nice look, and of course
some tone. But I think the first reason would be the finish look of the grain in
the wood.

Next step is  choosing the wood for your neck, which also includes the
fingerboard wood. I like a solid piece of maple which acts as a maple
fingerboard, as well. If you know me, you know I love guitars, but I’m obsessed
with the maple fingerboard. I think because of it’s hard surface. I’ve played
rosewood for years, too. So I’m not against rosewood, I just love maple. But you
can choose anything, really. Different woods will sound different.

The neck and body joint is also a main part of the guitar. The type of joint,
bolt on, set neck (glued) or neck through, has also been a point of discussion.
The bolt on has always rang nice for me. I assume it’s the combination of the
bolts and the woods. But the set neck is really clean looking.

Have fun picking your wood! Stay tuned for more.

Some of the best wood options can be found at Warmoth.

Marc Amendola is a producer/songwriter in Connecticut.
He teaches guitar and songwriting, records & produces artists as well as fronts rock band Fear The State.
Find out more about Marc at

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