Carlos Santana’s Paul Reed Smith SE Signature Guitar

PRS SE Carlos Santana

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PRS SE Carlos Santana
PRS SE Carlos Santana

Carlos Santana was always an SG guy.

At woodstock he played a Gibson SG with P90’s. In fact all the way up to 1982 he almost exclusively played an SG, and that’s the year he had his custom Paul Reed Smith made.

Around 1998, Carlos went full time with Paul Reed Smith, making them his main guitars.

They sure are nice too.

This guitar features a 24 1/2 inch scale – something new for the SE series. She’s built on mahogany with a maple top, and all PRS term, pickups, and tuners.

With this one you also get the old-style bird inlays atop a rosewood fingerboard.

The hardware is all nickel.

Carlos has always played a big part in the SE series guitars design, since PRS launched it in 2001. The very first SE was actually a Carlos Santana, and then another, then another, and on and on until this – the 5th Carlos Santana SE.

This one has the same shape as the Santana Standard PRS models.

For the roughly $700 you’ll pay for this, it’s a beautiful guitar, and the sound follows suit, with easily achievable lead tones that sound like Carlos’s, and biting rock tones as well if you crank up the gain, thanks to the pickups, which are slightly hotter than standard PAF’s .


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