Carvin Custom Shop DC400 Guitar

Carvin Custom Shop Dragon Burst Guitar

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Carvin Custom Shop Dragon Burst Guitar
Carvin Custom Shop Dragon Burst Guitar

Let’s give Carvin some love for a moment.  I absolutely love Carvin.  Why does that little fact matter?  It doesn’t, but I did kill a few words by adding it in there.

Anyway.  Carvin was founded in 1946 by a certain Lowell Kiesel who opened the company as a brand of pickups.

Within a year a new factory opened up which would begin manufacturing steel guitars out in Nebraska and one more year later the business would return to California and would see a name change to Carvin where it has remained since.  The name, unlike most other brands, was not adopted by just slapping someone’s last name on the head stock and calling it a day, but rather by the combining of Mr. Kiesel’s sons Carson and Gavin’s names into one.

From the 1950s on Carvin would begin adding guitars, basses, and amplifiers to their list of products and in the 1970s recording equipment and stage equipment.  In the 80s, however, Carvin really began to separate themselves from the competition when they began offering extensive customization of each guitar.

Regretfully due to Carvin’s extensive customization there is very little I can cite on this particular guitar.  It’s obviously built neck through with what looks like an ebony fretboard to me and a quilted maple top finished with a beautiful dragon burst paint job.  It has two humbuckers and a Floyd Rose to top it off, but I’ve also noticed the person that had this built opted to leave off the locking nut that typically accompanies a Floyd.


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Kyle Fields
Kyle Fields
9 years ago

This Guitar has been my dream for a long time!!! I will someday have it and play it on stage with my Band Charles’ Horse!

11 years ago

this is fuken alsome

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