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Motörhead - Aftershock Album Art

Announcing Motörhead’s 21st Studio Album: Aftershock

Motörhead is preparing a new punk infused metal assault - the album is called Aftershock and it's hitting record stores soon! More details here.
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Revamp - Wild Card

New ReVamp Symphonic Metal Album – Wild Card

ReVamp unleashes a dose of energetic heavy metal with vocal melodies and harmonies and strong guitars. We've got samples and more here so check it out.
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New Virgil Donati Solo Album – In This Life

What's a drummer like Virgil Donati doing on Guitar-Muse? His newest solo album is out and features mind blowing guitars and complex rhythms.
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Gorguts - Colored Sands

Gorguts – “Forgotten Arrows” Off New Album Colored Sands Released

Canadian technical avante-garde metal band Gorguts have revealed themselves after years with the song "Forgotten Arrows" off the new album Colored Sands. Check here to give it a listen.
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8 Awesome Theme Based Albums

Writing music around themes and ideas, be it stories, concepts, or mathematical quirks is awesome. Check out some thematic albums we tip our hats to.
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Steve Vai – Naked Tracks Volumes VI and VII

Guitarist Steve Vai presents Naked Tracks Vol. VI and VII. Lead-free compilations for guitarists to use when learning, practicing, or just because it's fun.
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John Petrucci in the studio

New Dream Theater Album Release Date, Title, And Video

Dream Theater has announced the exact date for the new album, and we've got details here, as well as some video of the band in the studio.
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Dancer and the Moon

Blackmore’s Night – A Preview Song From Dancer and the Moon

Blackmore's Night have released the track "The Moon is Shining (Somewhere Over the Sea)" to build excitement for their new album Dancer and the Moon.
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Unstoppable Momentum

Joe Satriani – Unstoppable Momentum Album Review

Kyle Smitchens discusses the opinions formed on Joe Satriani's newest album Unstoppable Momentum. See what this instrumental guitar album is all about here.
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Tap - Book of Angels Vol. 20

Why is Pat Metheny’s New Album Subtitled “The Book of Angels vol. 20”?

Nicholas Tozier demystifies the otherwise esoteric subtitle of Pat Metheny's new album Tap. The genius of John Zorn is realized along the way.
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