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A Gallery of the Grim Reaper’s Guitars

The Grim Reaper's up to bat this time around in this Halloween guitar gallery. What kind of guitars would Death itself keep lying around? Find out here.
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Dean Tyrant

Image Gallery: Blood-Drenched Guitars

It's Halloween 2013 and here we're celebrating the horrific season with an image gallery of blood soaked, splattered, and filled guitars.
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Haywire Custom Telecaster - Rick Mariner - Haywire Guitars

Image Gallery: 12 Customized Fender Guitars

Theres something about the shape or magic vibe of Fenders that just inspires people to customize them. Here we have 12 Extremely customized Fenders. Check them out!
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1 at an angle

The 2013 Suhr Guitar Lineup – Roses Without Thorns

Suhr Guitars has cultivated a line of guitars that exceed just looking stylish. Their 2013 lineup has looks that can rival their playability and then some.
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Washburn Tiffany Blue P4

The Washburn P4 Reissue and a Tributary Gallery to the P Series

Washburn's announcement of the returning P4 model guitar got us all warm and fuzzy inside so we put together a gallery of P Series guitars to celebrate.
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LTD Elite Horizon-III Gotoh

NAMM 2013: LTD Elite Guitars and Basses

ESP / LTD Guitars have brought their Japan-made Elite Series guitars and basses along for their journey to Winter NAMM 2013. Check them out right here .
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Brian "Head" Welch - Korn

NAMM 2013 Image Gallery: Day Two

Yesterday of course, we provided you with images from day one at NAMM, and here are a few more from day two!
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NAMM Center 2013

Image Gallery From NAMM 2013 – Day One

See the sights everyone else is seeing at NAMM 2013 in our gallery Day 1 Gallery of NAMM pics snapped from a cell phone at Winter NAMM 2013.
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Ibanez Edge III

Image Gallery: Bending Strings – The History Of Guitar Vibrato Units

Lets take a journey through time and look at how the vibrato / tremolo / whammy unit has evolved.
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PRS Collection

A Gallery Of Guitars Worth Staring At and Drooling

There are some guitars that simply put are irresistible and the mere sight alone says "you need to play me". Here is our tribute to sexy custom guitars.
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