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Godin Montreal Premier

NAMM 2014 Headlines

In the closing weeks since Winter NAMM 2014, Doug Knight took the liberty to supply a documentation of a lot of the new guitars, effects, and amps announced.
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Jamstar Playing

Jamstar Acoustics App Review

Here we take a look at the app Jamstar Acoustics. A free cell phone and tablet app for Droids and iPhones that offers a more accessible method of learning.
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Nashville Music

10 Reasons Why Nashville Is Cooler than You Think

Ronnie Brooks dispels some of the stereotypes that cloud the Nashville guitar and music scene and offers truths about the vast culture in the iconic city.
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The Guitar-Muse What To Buy Guitarists For Christmas 2013 List

It's Christmas time. That means parents everywhere are going to be confused with what to buy their guitarist kids for Christmas. Guitar-Muse wishes to help.
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Are Fans Ready for A New Slayer Album?

After a slew of unfortunate events surrounding the Slayer camp, the band has decided to press forward with a new album. But is the fan base really ready?
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Takamine LTD-2000

What’s New In Guitar Stores: Takamine, Fender, and VOX

Doug Knight takes a leisurely stroll through his local guitar shop to check out a Takamine acoustic, some Fender pedals, and a couple of VOX amps.
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Self Distribution Options – What’s The Best Way To Sell Your Music?

Here is a feature comparison on some of the most popular digital music distribution options, including CD Baby, ReverbNation, TuneCore, and MondoTunes.
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The Guitarist's Journey

How the Guitar Made Me a Better Man

Nicholas Tozier imparts some life lessons he has learned throughout his journey as a guitarist and as a man. Read his words of wisdom here.
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How to Turn Your Stale Old Licks into Fresh New Music

Have you ever picked up your guitar, found yourself picking some safe, reliable old licks, and felt a bit stale?
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Tuning Your Mind

Guitar Meditation Part II: Tune Your Guitar, Tune Your Mind

Nicholas Tozier expands on the topic of meditating with the guitar. Here he offers his insights on disciplining your mind to give the guitar 100% attention.
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