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Taylor GS Mini Is Turning Heads—and Ears!

Ronnie Brooks goes head to head with Taylor Guitars' GS Mini dreadnought acoustic guitar, the miniature guitar with a sound big enough to knock a wall down.
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Freddie Green’s 1940 Stromberg Rocks Swings My World

Ronnie Brooks reflects on Freddie Green, one of the most prolific rhythm guitarists and his now famous 1940s Stromberg Archtop acoustic guitar.
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Dobrato - Kent Viles

The Dobrato Adds A Bigsby And Brings A New Voice To Resonator Guitars.

a very cool new model that weighs a little less, plays easily, looks sharp and brings a new voice to the party.
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Eastwood Airline Map

Eastwood, DiPinto, and Italia – Modern Old School Underdogs

Ronnie Brooks takes a few to recognize some of the modern guitar brands that pay tribute to classic underdogs like Silvertone, Harmony, and more.
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PRS S2 Custom 24

An Affordable USA Made PRS Guitar – The S2 Series

The S2 Series from Paul Reed Smith is made in Stevensville, MD and is pretty affordable for a USA made PRS. Check them out here!
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Lipstick Stratocaster

Fender’s Lipstick Strat®: Geared Up For A Great Slide Guitar

Fender's new Lipstick Stratocaster is armed and dangerous to enhance your slide guitar playing. Paul Wolfle's details on this limited run of guitars here.
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Holy Diver Guitar

Artist Series Guitar’s Super Limited Edition Dio Holy Diver Guitar

With Dio's 70th birthday around the corner and the 30th anniversary of Holy Diver the Dio family and ASG have made a limited edition of Dio guitars.
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Fender Stratocaster Satin - Ocean Blue Candy

New Fender Satin Standard Guitars In Vibrant Colors

Fender has given the Standard Telecasters and Stratocasters a new paint job, that will definitely be an eye catcher - with four new colors.
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6 New Jackson Pro Series Dinky Guitars

Jackson Guitars has revealed 6 new Dinky guitars including four 6-stringers, a 7-stringer, and an 8-stringer. We've got the details on all of them here.
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Three New Joe Satriani Signature Ibanez Guitars – The JS24PCA, JSA20, and JSA5

Joe Satriani, alongside working on his new album, has been working with Ibanez to develop the JS24PCA electric and the JSA20 and JSA5 acoustic guitars.
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