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Stella Donnelly

Stella Donnelly – Guitar Based Real Life Magic

Stella Donnelly can kill with a smile, or her lyrics, or her raw talent. This girl is amazing. Check out how she uses guitar to create her unique brand of music.
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Dan Donato

Interview with Daniel Donato

Daniel Donato goes one on one with Scott Collins in an interview that covers everything that comes with the territory of being a country lead guitarist.
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Keith Merrow and the Schecter KM-7 Guitar

Keith Merrow, the extreme metal guitarist, has teamed with Schecter to design a seven-string guitar that can rip through faces like it rips through the mix.
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Chris Buono with S2

Chris Buono Interview

Chris Buono Talks Beginnings, Recording, Gear, Teaching, and More
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Jared Scharff - Fano Guitar

The Best Steady Gig in America: The Guitarists of Late-Night TV

Late Night TV Guitarists have the ultimate gig - find out more about these incredibly talented guitarists here.
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Yngwie Malmsteen - Relentless Book Cover

Lessons Learned From Relentless: A Memoir By Yngwie J. Malmsteen

What kind of lessons can you learn from Yngwie Malmsteen's fascinating book, "Relentless: A Memoir"? Find out here!
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Maragold Band Picture

Interview With Greg Howe’s Maragold

An interview with Maragold - the entire band, covering the recording process behind their new album, as well as talk about tours, and more.
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Dream Theater

Dream Theater: Live at Luna Park and New Album Music

As anticipation builds for their upcoming new album prog metal band Dream Theater has released music and info on an upcoming live DVD/Blu-Ray release.
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Mark Hosking

Karnivool Guitarists Drew Goddard and Mark Hosking

Here we take a look at the sounds and styles that characterize the Australian progressive rock and metal group's guitarists Drew Goddard and Mark Hosking.
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Jonas Tamas

Jonas Tamas – The Progressive Instrumental Guitarist

Hailing from Hungary the Digital Nations guitarist Jonas Tamas demonstrates his mastery with the guitar through his melodic, experimental progressive music.
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