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Catalinbread Formula no 5

Catalinbread Formula No. 5: Vintage Tweed in a Pedal

Paul Wolfle takes a look at the Catalinbread Formula No. 5 distortion pedal and tells us about the vintage tweed sounds it has up its sleeve for guitarists.
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Daddario NYXL Strings

D’Addario Launches New NYXL Guitar Strings

The engineers at D'Addario have pieced together new electric guitar strings that are strong enough that you could build a bridge with them.
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The Line 6 AMPLIFi FX100

Line 6's new AMPLIFi FX100 multi-effect pedal gives guitarists boundless tonal possibilities with cloud storage to share and save all of those sweet tones.
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Artist Capo

New From D’Addario: The NS Artist Capo

Designed by Ned Steinberger and presented by D’Addario and Planet Waves comes a new adjustable capo for guitarists, banjoists, mandolinists, and uke players.
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EHX Hot Tubes Overdrive Pedal

EHX Hot Tubes Overdrive Review and Demo

Check out our video demo and review of the Hot Tubes Overdrive, by EHX - reincarnated in a much smaller, nano pedal design.
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Blues Flame

New at NAMM: The Extra-Smooth Blues Flame, Phone Tone, and Double Plush Overdrive

Plush Pedals has revealed three new boutique pedals for your tonal needs - the Blues Flame overdrive, the Phone Tone filter, and the Double Plush Overdrive.
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NAMM Amp News: Peavey, Orange, and Marshall

Between Peavey's Revalver, Orange's Dual Dark series, and Marshall's Custom Shop Tattoo series, 2014 has some interesting amps worth looking into.
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Sonuus Voluum

New at NAMM: The Sonuus Voluum Pedal Combines Analog Warmth with Digital Precision

At Winter NAMM 2014 Sonuus showed off their new Voluum pedal featuring blends of analog and digital styles and more features than volume pedals usually have
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Pigtronix E2D Echolution 2 Deluxe

New at NAMM: The Echolution 2 Delay’s Stunning “Shimmer” Effect

For Winter NAMM 2014 Pigtronix has announced the Echolution 2 - the echo pedal that can add new depth to your sound with its shimmer effect and more.
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Zoom A3 Acoustic Modelling Effects Pedal Review

The Zoom A3 guitar effect pedal, one that combines acoustic modelling, a pre-amp and effects, gets a detailed examination by Scott Collins in this review.
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