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Guitar Keeps Going Flat? Try This.

Does your guitar keep going flat? Here's a simple remedy if you've tried everything else and it continues to happen.
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Pedal Chain Basics: The Pedal Order

Continuing his series of pedal chain articles, Doug Knight takes a look at the order of pedals and recommends a tried and true order to get you started.
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Pedal Signal Chain Basics: Bypass, Buffered, And Effects Loop

Find out what the difference is between bypass and buffered guitar pedals, and more about your effects loop.
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Effect Pedal Chains – Signal Basics

Doug Knight takes on the topic of taste - guitar effect pedal chains - and demystifies some facts about signal chains that may shape your pedal layout.
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Late Night DIY: Repairing Minor Dents In Your Guitar

Doug Knight demonstrates a surprisingly simple technique to cover up and repair minor dents that your guitar may have accrued from years of use and abuse.
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Late Night DIY: Installing a Seven-Way Switch on Your Strat

Doug Knight digs into a Stratocaster to install a switch that gives his guitar a total of seven pickup settings. Check this out to see how this can be done.
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Late Night DIY: Building a Cable Snake Part 2

In this issue of Doug Knight's DIY projects, Doug, along with his wife, sew together a cable snake to keep your keep your cables safe and organized.
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One Easy Guitar Practice Tip For Avoiding Embarrassment Onstage

Nicholas Tozier covers one simple procedure during your guitar practices that can spare you endless embarrassing problems in a live setting.
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Guitar Challenge: Insane Bending Exercises

In this article Kyle Smitchens explores as many aspects of bending as he can in one sitting. How many ways can one person bend on a guitar? Find out here.
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DIY Cable Snake Diagram

Late Night DIY: Build Your Own Cable Snake

Doug shows you how to build your own cable snake cheaply and fairly quickly.
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