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Guitarist Jonas Tamas

Tips for Writing an Instrumental Guitar Song

Digital Nations guitarist Jonas Tamas gives us insight on composing an instrumental guitar song complete with tablature, videos, and more. Check it out here.
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Guitar Notes

Developing the Art of Getting More Out of Fewer Notes

If you haven’t thought about phrasing before now, it’s time to start creating memorable phrases that begin and end - and breathe.
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Learning Guitar

Want to Write Original Music? Start Absorbing Your Favorite Guitarists’ Superpowers Now

Nicholas Tozier walks us through how to take a piece of music and turn it into our own original creations for the guitar in this study of composition.
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Guitar Fretboard Graph

The Guitar – Now With Geometry

The Smitchens applies geometrical shapes to the freboard of a guitar like it's a piece of graph paper to write his melodies and riffs for him. Check it out.
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Melody Guitar Tab

Composing Guitar Music With Handicaps Round 3: Go Guitarless

When it comes to writing music for the guitar and handicaps I don't know that there is any better way to handicap yourself than to write without the aid of an instrument.
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CAGED Major Chord Diagrams

How to Write Your First Chord Progression in 30 Minutes or Less

Writing Chord Progressions If you know your basic “CAGED” major chords and minor chords, and can switch quickly and easily between them, you’re ready to start writing your own chord progressions—which is the way that many guitarists begin writing their own original songs. Below you’ll find two simple steps for the skeleton of your first […]
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Guitar Chords as a Handicap

Composing On Guitar With Handicaps 2: The Revenge

Approximately X time ago I had written an article on the idea of composing with handicaps. After much deliberation I've deduced it's time to bust out another one. This one is about chord limitations.
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Composing With Handicaps

Writing with handicaps is strange in that with all the barriers you can put up it can often end up being more fun than writing without handicaps and probably actually stands a better chance at coming up with things that sound cooler than if you just meander around over a backing track hoping to defy laws of probability and garner something that you could confidently show others.
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Guitar Writers Block

11 Ideas to Beat Guitar Writers Block

It’s happened to all of us – you’re inspired to play, maybe write a song – you go down to wherever it is that you play, you set up, tune up, warm up, and then … crickets. The more you think about it the more horrifying it becomes, and the madness slowly builds on itself […]
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